Manatee County Poll Worker Application
Please PRINT and MAIL Application to:
Manatee County Supervisor of Elections
P.O. Box 1000 - Bradenton FL 34206-1000
(941) 741-3823
Last First Middle
Cell or
Home Phone #____________ Work Phone #____________ E-mail Address_______________________
Street Address__________________________________________City & Zip______________________
Party Affiliation____________________ Language Spoken Fluently______________________________
1. Do you have transportation?
Yes ________ No ________
2. Are you willing to work in a precinct other than your home precinct, if necessary?
Yes ________ No ________
3. Have you ever been a poll worker before? Yes ________ No ________
If yes, where?
State ___________________ County ______________________
4. Poll workers are required to lift and assemble the voting equipment. You must have good eyesight
and hearing. You are required to work a long 14 hour day (Poll workers cannot leave and return to
a polling place). You must be able to read and write the English Language. Are you able to perform
these functions? Yes ________ No ________
Please Note: The number of poll workers for an election is determined by the size of the election
and the expected turnout. Poll workers are chosen to work a specific election by their availability,
willingness to travel, and the number of workers needed. While we like to keep an election board
constant throughout an election cycle, this often can not be done. Additionally, in an effort to
keep the cost of an election down, traditionally low voter elections (Primaries, Special Elections,
etc.) will have fewer number of workers. For these elections, we may often ask experienced poll
workers to “sit-out," allowing newer poll workers an opportunity to gain more experience. If you
are selected to work for an election, you will be notified by mail.
By signing this application, I agree to comply with all Florida Election laws including attendance
of mandatory poll worker training classes. I certify that I am a registered voter in Manatee
County and that I can read and write the English language (F.S. 102.012 (2)).
Signature___________________________________________ Date_____________________________