Manager’s Supplement for Post Incident Review
Incident Commander:
Incident Name and Number:
Start Date and Duration of Incident:
Date of Incident Debriefing:
List of Debriefing Attendees:
Brief synopsis of fire behavior and narrative of the incident:
Fire Sizeup:
Gave an accurate sizeup of the fire to dispatch upon arrival?
Managed fire suppression resources in accordance with the management objectives for the
area and availability of resources?
Did the unit support organization provide timely response and feedback to your needs?
(Appendix A)
Were there any radio communication issues?
Provide for the Safety and Welfare of Assigned Personnel:
Gave operation briefing prior to firefighters being assigned to incident operations.
How were incoming resources debriefed; via radio, personal contact?
Were agency work/rest guidelines followed? Was adequate food and water provided to
Fire Suppression Operations:
Explain how the strategies and tactics used met management objectives, without
compromising adherence to the Fire Orders, Watch Out Situations, and LCES?
How were weather conditions monitored: daily weather briefings, spot weather forecasts or
Were there adjustments needed to strategy and tactics?
What were the potentially hazardous situations, and their mitigations?
How were projected changes in the weather, tactics, hazards and fire behavior
communicated to fire personnel?
Were communications effective with dispatch and supervisor?
Were all interested parties kept informed of progress, problems, and needs? Was aviation
support used? If so, was it effective?
Were there any injuries, close calls, or safety issues that should be discussed? Were these
Administrative Responsibilities:
Submitted complete documentation to supervisor for time, accidents, incident status, unit
logs, evaluations, and other required or pertinent reports?
Provided timely and effective notification of the fire status and unusual events or
occurrences to dispatch and management.
As requested, provided effective input into the Wildland Fire Decision Support System.
If necessary, provided team transition briefing as assigned.
Form ICS 201 was completed in accordance with local policy.
Release Date: January 2020 1