Manager’s Checklist
Have an up-to-date site plan with alert level 2 requirements that is
communicated and agreed with the appropriate persons.
Review contractor’s site plans.
You must have a COVID-19 response plan in place to identify processes
for dealing with probable and confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Complete an incident report in the event of a probable or confirmed
case of COVID-19.
Maintain a
Register and detailed work schedule to understand
the movements and activities of all workers in the event of an exposure
to COVID-19.
Stay in contact with workers who may be in isolation or working
Follow the
Mental Health Protocol and assist workers to access mental
health and wellbeing information. Free call or text 1737 any time for
support from a trained counsellor, or use the resources created by
MATES in Construction available here.
Hold Toolbox Talks regularly to keep workers up-to-date with COVID-19
protocols as we progress through stages.
Don’t forget your normal health and safety obligations still apply.
These Protocols are in addition to your usual health and safety controls.
Check that all required PPE is available for workers and on site including
gloves and cleaning products.
New Zealand COVID-19 V&H Construction Protocols V3
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