Management Performance Appraisal Form
Employee Information:
Name: Review Date:
Title: Department:
Appraisal Period: Appraised By:
Rating Definitions:
Unsatisfactory: Performance consistently fails to meet minimum position requirements, employee lacks skills required or
fails to utilize necessary skills
Inconsistent: Performance meets some but not all position requirements.
Proficient: Performance consistently meets position requirements.
Highly Effective: Performance exceeds requirements and standards for the position.
Exceptional: Performance is consistently superior and significantly exceeds position requirements.
N/A: Not applicable.
Knowledge and Productivity Skills Review:
Job Knowledge: Shows comprehensive knowledge of skills needed to carry out responsibilities of
the job.
Technical Knowledge: Applies specialized knowledge gained through training and experience;
keeps informed of new developments in the field; shares relevant information with others.
Quality of Work: Work is clear, well organized, accurate, performed as directed, and conforms to
established standards.
Quantity of Work: Overall productivity is at a level necessary to perform all aspects of the job.
Dependability and Reliability: Conscientious, responsible, reliable with respect to attendance and
work completion.
Comments on knowledge and productivity skills:
Initiative and Problem-Solving Skills Review:
Initiative: Originates or develops ideas or gets things started; shows willingness to tackle new
challenges, seeks additional assignments, responds to unusual or particularly demanding situations.
Problem Solving and Decision Making: Shows ability to obtain information needed to make a
decision; exercises sound judgment; shows decisiveness in recommending or taking action.
Flexibility and Adaptability: Adjusts to new assignments and changing workloads, working to
maximum potential.
Comments on initiative and problem-solving skills:
Communication Skills Review:
Oral Communication: Communications are clear, effective, and appropriate for the audience.
Written Communication: Communications are clear, effective, concise, and well organized.
Working with Others: Cooperates with other individuals and groups internally and externally, as
appropriate; solicits, understands, and respects the opinions of others.
Comments on communication skills:
Organizational Skills Review: (Omit this section if not applicable.)
Planning: Accurately forecasts relevant operating and business conditions; establishes productive
objectives, strategies, and plans; develops effective budgets; establishes priorities; develops
efficient work schedules and plans.
Financial Management: Plans and works within budget; effectively implements cost-saving
procedures; effectively monitors expenditures.
Business Relationships: Establishes and maintains effective business relationships within the
context of the individual job responsibility. As appropriate, demonstrates effective business
acquisitions skills, including participation in proposal writing and new product development.
Comments on organizational skills:
Management Skills Review: (Omit this section if not applicable.)
Leadership: Motivates employees to maximize company's goals and objectives; delegates tasks
and author
peers and other employees.
Staff Development: Effectively trains new employees and, when appropriate, cross-trains existing
staff; initiates retraining; performs timely performance appraisals and ensures that appropriate goals
are set.
Staff Utilization: Ensures that all employees are treated fairly and with respect; develops human
resource plans that meet anticipated needs and that enhance individual growth; complies with
established personnel policies and procedures.
Comments on management skills:
Comments on Goals:
Overall Evaluation:
Overall rating on performance skills and goal attainment.
Additional comments:
Professional Development: (To be completed by manager and employee during appraisal.)
What is the employee's growth potential? Be as specific as possible.
What future education, training, skills, or work assignments will help the employee reach his/her ultimate potential?
What newly acquired skills, education, or training has the employee acquired since his/her last review?
Job Description:
Please review the employee's most current job description and update with changes as accurately as possible. Attach
revised job description to this appraisal and send copy to Human Resources.
Employee Signature: Date:
Department Manager: Date:
Human Resources: Date:
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