Pitzer College Office of the Registrar
Major Declaration Guidelines
for students entering Fall 2016 and after
Forms will not be accepted unless all sections are complete and accompanied by the appropriate
(Please press firmly, using blue or black ink, or type.)
To declare your major, you must complete and submit the Major Declaration Form to the Registrar’s Office.
This form will serve as your plan for completion of your graduation and major requirements. If you wish to change
your major, consult with your advisor(s) and resubmit another form.
Please complete this form in consultation with your major advisor(s).
For further assistance in completing this form you may consult your Pitzer College Course Catalogue under
“Guidelines for Graduation” located near the front of the catalogue.
A copy of your unofficial transcript will also be helpful in completing this form.
It is important that you and your advisor(s) check to make sure the courses you choose are approved to meet the
educational objectives. Please refer to the Pitzer Catalogue for a list of approved courses and guidelines for each
educational objective.
Courses that meet your major and graduation requirements must be full-credit courses, unless otherwise specified.
Students, working closely with their advisers, will select a set of courses and/or programs to demonstrate
intercultural understanding from a global or international perspective and from a domestic (US) or local
One full-credit Intercultural Understanding: Global course. Students will meet this objective by either
completing an approved study abroad program (a semester or, in extenuating circumstances, summer program) or
taking a course that discusses or addresses a culture (or cultures) outside of the U.S. (including historical cultures
and civilizations).
One full-credit Intercultural Understanding: Local course. Students will meet this objective by either completing
the Pitzer in Ontario Program or taking a course that addresses historically marginalized cultures in the U.S.
including, but not limited to, current offerings in Ethnic Studies departments, and courses on queer theory.
One full-credit Social Justice Theory course. These courses will emphasize diverse theoretical frameworks,
movements, and histories of social justice.
One full-credit Social Responsibility Praxis course. These courses will emphasize the manifestations of social
responsibility through community engagement, theoretical analysis, and critical reflection, or “praxis.”
Students may not count the same course toward meeting more than one breadth of knowledge area. Half-
credit courses may not be used to fulfill any of the breadth of knowledge areas.
Two full-credit Humanities/Fine Arts courses. Fields that normally meet this objective: performing arts, fine
arts, foreign language, literature, history, and philosophy.
Two full-credit Social/Behavioral Science courses. Fields that normally meet this objective: anthropology,
economics, linguistics, political studies, psychology, and sociology.
One full-credit Natural Science course. Course options available to students include all courses offered through
the Joint Science program as well as most other courses in chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy and geology
taught at the other Claremont Colleges. In addition, Psychology 101 (Brain and Behavior), as currently taught with
a significant emphasis in biology, is considered appropriate to this objective. Consult the Registrar’s Office before
considering any course not named above.
One full-credit Quantitative Reasoning course. Students will satisfy this objective by taking any mathematics,
statistics, quantitative/survey research methods, or formal logic course offered at The Claremont Colleges or
accepted for transfer credit, with the exception of mathematics courses whose sole purpose is to prepare students
to take calculus.
It is assumed that students meet this writing objective by successfully completing a full-credit First-Year Seminar
course. These seminars have been designed as writing intensive courses and are required of all First-Year students.
If students do not meet the writing objective through a First-Year Seminar course, they will be required to
complete successfully an appropriate writing intensive course before they graduate. Transfer students who have
not already taken a writing course will meet the writing objective by completing a full-credit writing intensive
These courses will be selected in consultation with your major adviser(s). You may also refer to the Pitzer
Catalogue for the requirements of each major.
It is very important that you remember to sign your Major Declaration Form and obtain the signature(s) of your
major advisor(s). Please keep in mind that advisers may only sign for their own field (e.g., a psychology faculty
must sign for a psychology major). Combined and double majors must have a signature from a faculty in each
discipline of their major. This form will not be accepted by the Registrar’s Office without all the appropriate
The Major Declaration Form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by mid-term of the first
semester of your junior year. Students going abroad must complete the Major Declaration Form before
participation (see Study Abroad Office for deadlines). First semester juniors will not be allowed to register for
the following semester until this form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
Students must attend the information meeting on Special Majors before they are allowed to submit a Special Major
proposal. Proposals should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for
their review, comment and approval. Please see the Registrar’s Office for further details and required forms.
S:forms/MajorDeclarationGuidelines 2016
Pitzer College Office of the Registrar
For students entering Fall 2016 and after
Name ____________________________________ ID# ______________________ Expected Grad Date _______________
Contact Phone Number _____________________________ Contact E-mail_______________________________________
Field of Major(s), list track if applicable ____________________________________________________________________
Single Combined (2 advisors needed) Double
(Students may not count the same course toward meeting
more than one breadth of knowledge area.)
a) Humanities/Fine Arts
1) _____________ ________________________
2) _____________ ________________________
b) Social/Behavioral Science
1) _____________ ________________________
2) _____________ ________________________
c) Natural Science
_____________ ________________________
d) Quantitative Reasoning
_____________ ________________________
____ First-Year Seminar Course Number and Title:
_____________ __
____ Writing Intensive Course - Course Number and Title:
_____________ _
E) MAJOR COURSES List Course Number & Title
Course # Course Title
1) ______________ _________________________
2) _ _____________ _________________________
3) _ _____________ _________________________
4) ______________ _________________________
5) ______________ _________________________
6) ______________ _________________________
7) ______________ _________________________
8) ______________ _________________________
9) ______________ _________________________
10) ______________ _________________________
11) ______________ _________________________
12) ______________ _________________________
13) ______________ _________________________
14) ______________ _________________________
15) ______________ _________________________
S:\forms\Major Form 2016.doc
*ADVISORS: By signing this form you confirm you are part of the appropriate field group and that you will act as the student’s major advisor.
*STUDENTS: If you are declaring a double or Claremont College major, you must have at least one Pitzer advisor. Other advisors
not within your field of major will be removed from your academic record.
__________________ ___________________ _______ ______ __________________ ___________________ ________ ______
Major Advisor 1 Print Name College Date Major Advisor 2 Print Name College
Signature Signature
_____________________________ ______
Student’s Signature Date
LocalProgram or Course Number and Title:
_____________ _________________________
GlobalProgram or Course Number and Title:
_____________ _________________________
Justice TheoryCourse Number and Title:
_____________ _________________________
Responsibility Praxis Course Number and Title:
_____________ _________________________