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Student Name: ________________________________ ID Number: ___________________
Major Course Exclusion
Undergraduate courses excluded from the GPA based upon an approved change of major or readmission to a new major for
matriculated students. Policy effective 2011 Fall and approved October 2011 by UCRC.
Confirm the change of major has been processed via SPACMNT in Banner before submitting this form.
New Major: ________________________________ Old Major: __________________
Major Change Term: ______________
Graduation Course Exclusion
Additive credit courses may be excluded from the calculation of the cumulative GPA requirements for graduation. Additive
credit courses are those that were completed but do not apply to the requirements for the degree.
Graduation Term: _______________
Note: W grades are not excluded.
All no
n-GUR courses from the old major must be excluded per CAA December 2011
Do not exclude any course that is part of the new major requirements.
Course ID
Term / YEAR
Date ______________
Advisor’s Name & Signature ____________________________________
Dept. Chairperson’s Signature ____________________________________
Date Received: _____________________________
Date Posted on Record and comment noted in Banner: _______________________________ By______________________
Note: Scan and e-mail or deliver form to Office of the Registrar. Do not have student deliver form.
Process time is minimum two weeks upon receipt. Please contact advisor for any information regarding this form.
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