MyUT > Student Tab > My Financial Aid > Check EligibilityStatus > Student Requirements > Award Year 2020-21
Do you have outstanding requirements? Have you been selected for verification?
View your bill.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > View/Pay Bill
Do you have a balance?
Review your financial aid package.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Financial Aid > Award Overview > Award Year 2020-21
What scholarships, awards, grants, and loans have you been offered to date?
Complete your FAFSA at
Search and apply for scholarships at
Scholarships & grants
areFREE MONEY andwill be
automatically accepted.
Notify UToledo about any external aid (e.g., non-UToledo scholarships).
Send all non-UToledo scholarship checks/information to:
Read the "Understanding your Financial Aid Offer".
We are summarizingkey areas in
this document. It's important to make informed decisionsabout your
financialaid offer, as well as to understand your rights and responsibilities. The guide is also available at and then clicking "Understanding your Financial Aid Offer".
Office of Student Financial Aid - Scholarship Services
University of Toledo, Mail Stop 314
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, OH 43606
Once sent, you can verify the check has been processed by visiting your e-statement in the MyUT Portal.
For questions, contact 419.530.5817 or
Subsidized loans
are often encouraged before
moving on to
If you are offered
remember that money is
NOT guaranteed.
Earning the funds is
contingent on finding a
work study job
and the hours you work.
Federal Work Study,
unsubsidized loans.
Start your financial aid process.
Check your financial aid status.
Yes; how much?
Yes; task(s) to resolve:
Via mail:
Credit Cards: Incurs a convenience fee.
Decide how to pay your balance.
How to pay
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St, MS 331
Toledo, OH 43606-3328
Electronic Check Payments (E-checks):
How to pay in
Rocket Payment Plan: $60 fee per semester for the Rocket Payment Plan.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > View/Pay Bill > Make Payment
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > View/Pay Bill > Make Payment
Pay the fee and submit the first monthly payment by the August 14 deadline.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > Rocket Payment Plan Application
Maximize your award by authorizing the Title IV consent.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > Title IV Consent > Click “I authorize”.
Modify your bill as needed.
Keep/waive the Legal Services fee.
Keep/waive the Student Green Fund fee.
Add/omit the Parking Permit.
Keep/waive the Health Insurance.
All domestic undergraduate students registered for 6 or more credit hours will automatically be
enrolled in the student health insurance. All international students registered for 1 or more credit
hours will also be automatically enrolled. If you already have coverage under another plan, waive the
insurance by September 30, 2020. Once the waiver is accepted, the premium will be removed from
your account. Questions? Contact
MyUT > Student Tab > My Reg Steps > Waive Legal Services Fee
MyUT > Student Tab > My Reg Steps > Student Green Fund
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > More Acc't Options > Parking Permit
MyUT > Student Tab > My Reg Steps > Health Insurance
Payment is due by Aug. 14. Pay now or sign up for the Rocket Payment
Plan. Remember to avoid carrying a balance! $100 late fees are assessed each month for a past due balance.
Free of charge; payment applies to your account immediately.
Remember the post office might be slow! Mail 5-7 days before due date.
Consider accepting desired aid.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Financial Aid > Accept Aid > Award Year 2020-2021
Be strategic! Only accept the loans you
need to minimize future student loan debt.
Talk to Rocket Solution Central for help: 419.530.8700 or
Be sure to check about office availability due to COVID-19 before visiting in Rocket Hall 1200.
Sign the Master Promissory Note
MyUT > Student Tab > My Financial Aid > Sign Master Promissory Note
Complete Loan Entrance Counseling
MyUT > Student Tab > My Financial Aid > Loan Entrance Counseling
Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
If this loan is desired, parent(s) must apply and complete any PLUS Credit Counseling at
Alternative Loan Process
If needed, start at This can take up to 2 weeks, so
apply early.
or at
or at
Put Rocket Number on all checks.
** This method is strongly recommended. **
Sign up for direct deposit.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > Direct Deposit Authorization
Decide about access to your info.
(You can always modify these settings later as well.)
 If desired, grant others online access to specific student information. You can specify
what info your proxy has access to view: final grades, holds, midterm grades, schedule, unofficial
transcript, etc. Learn more at 
MyUT > Student Tab > My Other Resources > Proxy Access
 Authorize The University of Toledo to release financial information (account, billing) to
individuals of your choice. You may update this information as often as you like.
MyUT > Student Tab > My Accounts > FERPA Consent
This is strongly suggested for safe, quick access to your money and refunds.
Considerwhat you’re comfortable with.
Proxy Access:
FERPA Release:
Create a free Mint account for budgeting tools (strongly recommended):
Set up direct deposit in MyUT Portal (strongly recommended).
Create a free Cash Course account for financial literacy tips:
by mid-Sept.
Complete the 2021-22 FAFSA .
Oct. 2020
Talk with family about budget and finances.
Apply for
continuing student scholarships. (Keep in mind deadlines can vary!)
Nov. '20-Mar. '21
Review Scholarship Terms & Conditions. (You located any scholarships when reviewing your
financial aid package on page 1, box 4.)
Review your Fall 2020 GPA and earned credit hours to verify you are on target to maintain
any current UToledo scholarships. Contact RSC and your academic advisor if you need to
modify spring plans to meet renewal criteria. (NOTE: Many but not all UToledo scholarships
require a 2.75 GPA + 27 earned credit hours. See full information at
Dec. 2020
If using a joint account, make sure the primary account holder is the student.
Verifycontact info:
MyUT > Student Tab > My Other Resources > Update Addresses & Phones
Look for on- or off-campus job if desired. Set up account in
Handshake. Talk to Career Services
about my resume.