This form is used for the transfer of a vehicle:
from a registered owner to a licensed salvage dealer;
or from one licensed salvage dealer to another licensed salvage dealer;
or from an insurance company when the title has already been surrendered to the Department of Transportation.
Owner Name - Seller
Purchaser Name
City, State, ZIP Code
City, State, ZIP Code
Area Code - Telephone Number
Sale Price - Optional
Vehicle Year
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Identification Number or Engine Number for cycles, mopeds or 1954 and earlier models
I, the above identified owner, affirm that:
Owner's identity must be verified by either driver license number
No liens are outstanding against the above
OR photo identification number.
described vehicle;
Driver License Number
I have the legal right to sell this vehicle;
The certificate of title has been either: (Check One)
Photo Identification Number
Lost or destroyed,
Agency Issuing Photo Identification
Marked “JUNKED” and surrendered to the
Department of Transportation.
NOTE: No certificate of title will be issued for this vehicle.
(Owner - Seller Signature) (Date)
(Purchaser Signature) (Date)
JUNKED VEHICLE BILL OF SALE Wisconsin Department of Transportation
MV2459 3/2008