MSW Program Information and Applicant Verification
- I acknowledge that I must complete internship hours during normal daytime work
hours (no evening hours), be available for weekly evening classes via webcam
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and attend a one weekend seminar
at the University campus.
- I understand that I must attend the mandatory online Web Camera MSW
- I understand my signature indicates that I have thoroughly reviewed all
components of my application and to the best of my knowledge, my application is
accurate and complete.
- I understand that my signature indicates that I have thoroughly reviewed all MSW
program information.
- I understand that while past convictions do not necessarily preclude admission to
the MSW Program, they may affect availability of practicum placements and
future employability. I am responsible for updating the MSW Program on any
convictions and/or criminal charges after I am admitted to the program.
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Applicant Name Applicant Signature Date
Please complete and submit this Verification form by fax to (352) 588-7873 or email to