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The following checklist has been developed as a guide for SITE PLAN REVIEW SUBMITTALS in accordance with
Section 10-53 of the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance. Additional information regarding checklist items can be
found in the zoning ordinance or by contacting the Montgomery County Department of Planning and GIS Services at (540)
Description of Plans Submitted:
Site Plans Date of Plans ___________________________ # of sets provided _____
Name and address: 1) Owner 2) Developer 3) Person Preparing the Plan
Original date, revision date(s), scale of plan
Zoning district, tax parcel #, parcel id #, and address of site
For new structures and/or undeveloped properties, please contact the E-911 Address Manager.
Current use of the parcel
Owner names, tax map #, parcel ID # and zoning district for all adjacent properties
Boundary and dimensions of site
Vicinity map at a scale not less than 1’ = 2000’ and north arrow
Identification of Public and Private Roads
Location and information for wells and septic systems and/or public water and sewer connections
Signature blocks and site plan certification statements for: 1) Owner 2) Developer
Signature blocks and approval statements for: 1) Zoning Administrator 2) County Engineer
Compliance with additional requirements set forth by the governing bodies (i.e., proffers, SUP, variance, etc.)
Copy of the ordinance for zoning amendments and proffers, and/or ordinance allowing special use permits and
conditions, or Board of Zoning Appeals actions along with county approval date shown on plan
Requirements Specific to Zoning District:
Setback/minimum yards Front _____ Rear_____ Sides_____
Maximum building height required per zoning district
Maximum floor area ratio
Maximum coverage by buildings
Total impervious surface
Compliance with use limitations
Floodplain [Section 10-37]:
Flood plain designation and details or note that property does not lie within flood zone
Project Name:
Project Address:
License No.:
Contact Information:
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Parking [Section 10-44]:
Schedule showing number of spaces provided and number required in accordance with Section 10-44 of
Montgomery County Code
Location of existing and/or proposed access easements with deed book and page information
Location, type and size of ingress/egress including pavement width of driveways and aisles
Dimensions of parking and loading spaces shown on plan
Signage [Section 10-45]:
Location and details including square footage of all existing signs or a note that no signs exist
Location and details including square footage for all proposed signs or a note that no signs are proposed
If sign details are unavailable, include a note stating that the Owner will provide the sign location, details
and obtain a sign permit at a later date.
Lighting and Landscaping [Section 10-43]:
Plan for all exterior lighting including height and type of fixture
Note on the plan stating, "Light sources shall not cast excess light (glare) upon adjacent properties or streets. The
intensity of light shall not exceed 0.25 footcandles measured at the boundary of any commercial or industrial use
abutting any residential use or at the lot line with any residential district, or, in residential or agricultural districts,
at the lot line of any adjacent lot." [Section 10-46 (9)]
Landscaping and buffering plan in accordance with Section 10-43 and any additional requirements set forth by the
governing bodies (i.e., proffers, SUP, variance, etc.)
Landscape legend showing the planting schedule, minimum size at planting, common and botanical names, and
Outline and/or inventory of existing vegetation
Statement of intent by the Owner or Developer to maintain all vegetation as shown on the landscape plan in a viable
Trash dumpsters and recycling facilities screened
Additional Requirements for Telecommunications Towers, Freestanding [Section 10-48 (6)]:
Galvanized steel finish or specify neutral paint color
Dish antennas specify neutral non-reflective paint color
Written agreements: 1) for future co-location provided 2) for prompt removal of tower upon abandonment
Copy of FAA approval
Plans Submitted for Review and Re-submittal Plans: Four (4) Copies and One (1) Complete Digital Set
Final Plans for Signature: Six (6) Copies – which shall be wet sealed and includes One (1) Set to be returned to the
Owner - - - The County will sign additional sets if needed.
Site Development Plan Application
Payment of required Review Fee AMOUNT SUBMITTED $____________
VDOT Land Use Permit submitted and referenced on site plan PERMIT NO:________________________
Traffic Impact Analysis submittal
Engineers cost estimate for bond or letter of credit requirement
Reviewed By: Review Date:
Montgomery County Planning & GIS Services PHONE 540-394-2148
755 Roanoke Street, Suite 2A EMAIL
Christiansburg, VA 24073-3177 WEBSITE