Please indicate with an “X” the status of your request:
_____ Request being filed at time of application for candidacy for masters degree (plan of study must be attached)
_____ Request being filed in order to extend six-year time limit of an approved masters degree plan of study (petition to the
University Graduate Committee must be attached)
_____ Other (please describe) ___________________________________________________________________________________
Name _________________________________________________________________ ID# ________________________________
Master Degree __________________________________________________________ Advisor _____________________________
Course to Update _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Term and Year Taken ________________________________________________ Grade _________
College/University ____________________________________________________ Original Instructor (optional)________________
Rationale for the update ________________________________________________________________________________________
(Please attach additional sheet(s) as needed)
1. Instructional Objectives: i.e. what will be the specific focus of the update work?
2. Activities: What specific activities will be completed to do the update? (e.g. initial readings, on-campus meetings, lectures
that will be attended, other)
3. Products: What products (e.g. paper, summaries, examinations, etc.) will be produced to demonstrate new knowledge
and/or skills?
4. Evaluation: i.e. how will update be evaluated?
5. Agreed upon date of Completion: __________________________________________________________
Term and Year
6. Degree Completion: A timetable indicating the semester when all work toward your degree will be completed (please
The undersigned agree with the specified plan (as shown on the additional sheets):
1) ___________________________________________________ 2) _____________________________________________
Student Professor supervising the update
3) ___________________________________________________ 4) _____________________________________________
Advisor Department Chair
The update plan has been completed as specified: _____________________________________________________________
Signature of Professor supervising the update Date
(copy: student, supervising professor, advisor, Graduate Studies OfficeOriginal chair)
**Failure to complete your degree by the designated semester may require an additional petition to the MSUB Graduate Committee
for an extension.
Revised 2009
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