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Department of Defense Instruction Number 1404.12 established policy, assigned
responsibilities, and prescribed procedures for employment preference for spouses of
active duty military members of the US Armed Forces stationed worldwide. Section 6
Administrative Instruction 1401.1 provided guidance for implementing Military Spouse
Preference (MSP) as it relates to schools operated by the Department of Defense
Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS).
You may be eligible for preference under the MSP program if all of the following apply:
a. You are the husband or wife of an active duty military member of the Armed
Forces, including the U.S. Coast Guard, relocating because of permanent change of orders.
Marriage to your sponsoring service member must have taken place prior to your sponsor
and you relocating to the new duty station area.
b. You are in the eligibility period beginning 30 days prior to your sponsor’s report
date at the new duty station. (Once you are at the new duty station, MSP applies without
time restriction except that when you are within six months of leaving the area, a
potential employer is not required to select you for permanent continuing positions.)
c. The position for which you are applying is in the same commuting area as your
sponsor's new duty station. (The commuting area for a MSP eligible includes the military
sponsor’s duty station and surrounding localities to which the spouse has determined
he/she is willing to travel back and forth daily for employment as demonstrated through
acceptance of or application for employment with or without a request for MSP.)
d. MSP will be granted if the applicant is rated among the "best qualified" group.
If you meet the above requirements and are requesting consideration as a MSP candidate,
please read and complete the remainder of this form and attach it to your application for
APPLICANT’S NAME: ____________________________ SSN: ______________
SPONSOR’S NAME: _____________________________ RANK: _____________
DATE OF MARRIAGE: _______ PLACE OF MARRIAGE: _____________________
SPONSOR’S NEW DUTY STATION: _____________________________________
POSITION TITLE: __________________________________________________
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Military spouses will be referred using MSP until such time as they accept a continuing
position (i.e., a position without a time limitation) in either the Appropriated or Non-
appropriated workforce. MSP will not be lost if the military spouse accepts an offer of a
non-continuing position (i.e., a position with time limitation and/or any position that does
not have a fixed work schedule, including temporary or permanent part-time, intermittent,
and flexible schedule positions). MSP may be exercised no more than one time per
permanent relocation of the military sponsor.
MSP eligibility is terminated upon placement into, or declination of:
- A continuing position at any grade level for which the eligible spouse has been
selected as a MSP candidate
- A continuing position at any grade level for which the eligible spouse has been
selected without MSP.
I have read and understand the above procedures as they apply to the spouse preference
program. I certify that I am a military spouse and the information I provided above is
correct. I am requesting consideration for employment with Military Spouse Preference.
(Signature of Applicant) (Date)
NOTE: Attach a copy of your military sponsor’s permanent change of station orders and
marriage certificate to this form.
_____ MSP eligibility has been verified and preference granted.
_____ MSP has not been granted because:
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