ATTENTION: Andrew Weatherill
Due: August 1, 2020
Richard Corcoran, Commissioner
Florida Department of Education
Dear Commissioner Corcoran:
This letter certifies that the __________________________ School Board approved the district’s Mental
Health Assistance Allocation Plan on __________________, which outlines the local program and
planned expenditures to establish or expand school-based mental health care consistent with the statutory
requirements for the mental health assistance allocation in accordance with section 1011.62(16), Florida
Statutes (see attached Mental Health Assistance Allocation Plan Checklist). This letter further certifies
that legislative funding allocated to implement the district’s plan does not supplant funds already allocated
for school-based mental health services and the funds will not be used to increase salaries or provide
bonuses. The district’s approved plan with expenditures is attached.
School (MSID) Number
Charter School Name
Note: Charter schools not listed above will be included in the school district Mental Health Assistance
Allocation Plan.
Signature of District Superintendent
Printed Name of District Superintendent
Attachments: Mental Health Assistance Allocation Plan Checklist
District Mental Health Assistance Allocation Plan
Charter School Mental Health Assistance Allocation Plans
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