Purpose of a Merit Badge
A merit badge provides a Scout with additional opportunities for learning, personal growth, physical development,
career awareness, citizenship, and life skills development.
Review Process
Upon receipt of the Merit Badge Proposal application, a task force of volunteers will review the proposal and determine
whether it should move forward. This task force is also charged with considering the proposal’s possible ties to
Scouting’s mission or history. The BSA may conduct a youth interest survey or form a focus group for feedback on
the proposal.
Along with the proposal and any information gathered, the task force submits a recommendation to the BSA’s Pilots
and Program Development Committee for consideration. This committee, which encompasses volunteers from
around the country, conducts three reviews annually. Any approved proposals then move into the development phase.
The Pilots and Program Development Committee is charged with reviewing merit badge
proposals within 120 days of receipt. During that time, this group determines whether the
proposal will be adopted, deferred, recommended to be combined with another merit badge,
or denied. Merit badges recommended for combination with an existing merit badge will be
referred to the appropriate program task force.
Merit Badge Proposal Considerations
When submitting a proposal for a new merit badge, please know that it will be reviewed based on the
following guidelines:
How well the proposed topic fits with Scouting (values, Scout Oath, Scout Law, Guide to Safe
Scouting, etc.)
The practicality of the proposed merit badge (resources to recruit merit badge counselors, uniqueness,
existence of standardized “rules” and administrative organization, safety and risk considerations, etc.)
How fun and engaging the subject is for Scout-age youth (depth and breadth of appeal, age appropriateness)
Resource requirements (cost to Scouts/units, camp implications, etc.)
Uniqueness (whether this is merit badge different from current merit badges or whether it could enhance an
existing merit badge)
Contact Information
Submitter’s name ___________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State ____________ Zip code ___________________
Phone _______________________________ Email ______________________________________________
Scouting affiliation (unit, council, and role)
Organizational affiliation (association, foundation, corporation—if appropriate)
TITLE. Please provide a short proposed title for the merit badge. ______________________________________
DESCRIPTION AND RATIONALE. Please describe the proposed merit badge and the rationale for its creation.
Attach or provide separate sheets or documentation as needed.
REQUIREMENTS. Please provide a draft of the merit badge requirements. Develop and attach a draft of
requirements and initial thoughts behind those requirements for the merit badge. Be as specific as possible.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR CONSIDERATION. Please provide any additional information for consideration,
such as the availability of outside resources for developmental support, external considerations, and so on. Attach
separately if appropriate.
Submission Method
The Merit Badge Proposal application must be submitted either by email or regular mail to the addresses below.
By email:
By regular mail: Pilots and Program Development—Merit Badge Proposal
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane, S272
Irving, TX 75038
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079
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