MED-Project Kiosk Installation Checklist
All required photos are indicated with:
Daily COVID-19 Health Self-Check done!
Check in on the call via IVR or in app, check in with the Program Manager (MED-Project)
and Site Contact!
Complete Safety Briefing with Program Manager!
Check the Site Placement Schematic, to be provided by Program Manager!
Photo of site to place kiosk prior to Install work starting!
Photos of Kiosk prior to unpacking (especially any shipping damage)!
Unpack and Inventory Items (save box/do not destroy until Installation complete):!
__ Install Kit (bolts, anchors, etc.) " __ Out of Service Magnets!
__ Graphite Powder with MSDS " __ 5 Signs (SKU Numbers)!
__ Kiosk Serial Number: ____________ !
__ Upper Lock Key and Keychain, record number: ________!
__ Lower Lock Key and Keychain, record number: ________!
__ For ODCS (On-Demand Collection Service) 3-pack box/liner KIT!
Place Kiosk in position as determined from Schematic. !
Floor placement: Trace each hole onto floor, remove Kiosk!
Center drill bit in indicated holes, drill anchor holes no more than 1” deep!
Using HEPA Vacuum, clear hole and area of dust/debris from drilling!
Set anchors in holes drilled, move Kiosk to align holes with anchors!
Using ” bolts with a washer on each one, tighten each bolt to secure Kiosk!
Wall Installation (Alternate Installation)!
Ensure no outlets etc. will be covered unless specified!
Use Stud Finder to locate studs in wall, mark lightly with a pencil!
Measure height from floor and width between parallel hole indicators!
Drill holes in wall, match and drill holes in Kiosk, vacuum debris from drilling!
Place Kiosk and secure to studs with additional kit bolts!
Confirm Kiosk door works properly!
Confirm hopper door works properly!
Clean area, checking walls for smudges and floor for dirt, dust, debris!
After install is complete and Program Manager and Site agree, dispose of the pallet,
boxes, and shipping material!
Send all photos to ServRight, one picture per email and include only the Service Number
on the subject line (SO123456). Email address is If using the
app, upload in the app instead. Complete closing notes in app or online; take photo of
this form signed and send to and !
Check out from call on IVR or in app!
Program Manager:" ______________________" " " ______________________________"
" " " " Signature" " " " " " Print!
Site Contact:"" ______________________" " " ______________________________"
" " " " Signature" " " " " " Print!
ServRight Technician:______________________"" " ______________________________"
" " " " Signature" " " " " " Print!
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