Revised 7/2018
MCL 710.56 states that six months after formal placement, the court may enter an order of adoption, unless the
court determines that circumstances have arisen that make adoption undesirable. If the adoptee was under the
age of one at the time of the initial filing, the court may enter an order of adoption after three months from
formal placement.
Formal finalization hearings are not normally required; however, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Should the prospective adoptive parent(s) desire their case be heard during a formal hearing, please include this
information in the request. To expedite the finalization process, please have all interested parties sign the
Waiver of Notice of Finalization Hearing form that is available on the court’s website.
The following documents are required at the time finalization of the adoption is being requested:
Cover Letter from Attorney or Agency requesting the adoption must be on letterhead and should include the name
after adoption for the adoptee.
Adoptee’s Birth Certificate (with raised seal), if not previously submitted.
Petitioner’s Verified Accounting (21-Day) (PCA 347) -(1)
Statement of Services Performed By Attorney (21-Day) (PCA 346) -(1), if applicable
Statement of Services Performed by Agency (21-Day) (PCA 345) - (1)
New Birth Certificate Fee (Cash is NOT accepted) (Two copies of the Adoption Report Required to Establish a New
Michigan Birth Record DCH 0854 should have been submitted at the time the petition was filed. If not, please include with the
request for finalization packet. Original signatures on both copies are required from the prospective adoption parent(s).)
If Adoption Subsidy has been applied for, a copy of the signed Adoption Subsidy contract.
Letter from petitioners requesting finalization of adoption, signed and dated by petitioner(s).
DIRECT PLACEMENT FILINGS ONLY: Statement regarding appeals, if termination was completed in another
state. This may be in the form of an affidavit from the Out-of-State Attorney.
Medical report for the adoptee, including the immunization record. This is not needed if the original medical
submitted at the time the petition filed is less than one year old.
Any supervision report(s) that have not been previously submitted to the Court, during the supervision period.
If the adoptee is 14 years or older, the Consent to Adoption by Adoptee is required, prior to the court entering the
order of adoption. (PCA 307). (1)
If Protective Services has been involved during the supervision period, the report(s) must be included with the
If any Special Investigations have been initiated during the supervision period, the report(s) must be included with the
request. This is applicable to cases in which the prospective adoptive parent(s) are licensed foster parents.
If the family has moved during the supervision period, an addendum to the home study is required, as well new birth
certificate forms with the new address.
o Two (02) new Adoption Report Required to Establish a New Michigan Record forms must be submitted to
indicate the new address.
o The Petitioner’s Verified Accounting (21 Day) (PCA 347), must also indicate the new address.
Court of Appeals decision and/or Supreme Court decision, if not previously submitted, if applicable.
NON MCI ADOPTIONS ONLY: Adoption Facilitator Clearing House Record (DHS-4746).
If finalization is being requested before supervision has been completed (early confirmation), the below information is
required. Please note, that this does not apply to cases in supervision due to a competing party:
o $20.00 Motion fee. This fee must be paid by money order or agency check, made payable to the “Wayne
County Clerk”.
o JC-22 Motion for Immediate Confirmation 1 original.
Any other needed documentation that was not submitted at the time the Petition for Adoption was filed.