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Bachelor Degree Programs
4101 Accounting
Business Administration
410A General Business
410Q Economics
410D Finance
410F Management
410G Marketing
4115 Information Systems Management
4116 Health Care Management
4300 Exercise Science
4420 Pre Elementary Education
(may add Math 5-9, Spanish Pre K-Adult, or
Special Education K-12)
Pre Secondary Education
440G Art (Pre K-Adult)
440H Biology (9-Adult)
440J Chemistry (9-Adult)
447B Earth & Space Science (5-Adult)
440M English (5-Adult)
440P General Science (5-Adult)
446H School Health (5-Adult)
440R Journalism (5-Adult)
440S Math/Algebra (5-9)
440T Mathematics (5-Adult)
440V Music (Pre K-Adult)
440X Physical Education (Pre K-Adult)
440Y Physics (9-Adult)
441A Social Studies (5-Adult)
441B Spanish (Pre K-Adult)
446G Theatre (Pre K-Adult)
4816 Communication Arts
480L Cultural Outreach Communication
480D Government Communication
480E Health Communication
480I Multimedia Communication
480G Performance Communication
480H Public Communication
480K Sales Communication
480J Visual Communication
4308 Community Health Education
E300 Psychology
E301 Sociology
E302 Exercise Science
E303 Nutrition
4900 Criminal Justice
490L Creative Writing
490N Literature
490M Writing for the Workplace
4910 History (BA)
4902 History (BS)
4814 Music
4926 National Security & Intelligence
4905 Political Science
4906 Psychology
490K Behavioral Analytics
4907 Sociology
490K Behavioral Analytics
4912 Spanish
4802 Theatre
4002 Undecided
(available to students with fewer than 60
earned hours)
Aviation Technology
560A Aviation Administration No Flight
560V Aviation Maintenance Mgmt
(must have associate degree in Aviation
Maintenance or an FAA A&P license prior to
5633 Architecture **
5604 Biology
560X Biotechnology
5605 Chemistry
560X Biotechnology
5606 Civil Engineering Technology *
5607 Computer Science
560Z Cyber Security
5613 Electronics Engineering Technology *
4901 Forensics
560X Biotechnology
5639 Graphics Design Technology
5611 Mathematics
5614 Mechanical Engineering Technology *
5638 Occupational Safety *
4808 Studio Art
The following is available to students with fewer than
60 earned credit hours:
4007 Pre-Medical Technology
4010 Pre-Pharmacy
4011 Pre-Physical Therapy
The following is available to students with fewer than
90 earned credit hours:
4003 Pre-Dentistry
4008 Pre-Medicine
Associate Degree Programs
5616 Architectural Engineering Technology
5617 Civil Engineering Technology
5618 Electronics Engineering Technology
5619 Mechanical Engineering Technology
5620 Safety Engineering Technology
(Based on your major, a minor may be required/
prohibited/optional. Students cannot major and minor
in the same program. Please see your advisor for
more information.)
4805 Art
4807 Art History
M613 Automation & Robotics **
5636 Aviation Admin/Flight
5635 Aviation Admin/No Flight
5604 Biology
4107 Business (Non Business Majors)
5605 Chemistry
4816 Communication Arts
4308 Community Health Education
5607 Computer Science
M918 Creative Writing
4900 Criminal Justice
4400 Education (Non Education Majors)
5613 Electronics Engineering Tech
4908 English
4300 Exercise Science
4917 Folklore Studies
M917 Forensic Investigative Science
4909 French
M612 Game Design
M600 Graphic Design Technology
4902 History
4923 International Studies
5611 Mathematics
4929 Museum Studies
4806 Music
M805 Musical Theatre
4926 Natl Security & Intelligence
5638 Occupational Safety
4305 Outdoor Recreation Leadership
4919 Philosophy
5631 Physics
4905 Political Science
M910 Professional Writing
4906 Psychology
4907 Sociology
4912 Spanish
4928 TESOL: Teaching English Speakers
Other Languages
5632 Technology
4802 Theatre Arts
4920 Womens Studies
* 2+2 Programs: Student may complete the associate degree component prior to entering, or concurrently with, the bachelor’s degree
** Minor restricted to Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSET), Electronics Engineering Technology (BSET), and Computer
Science Majors
Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program: This form cannot be used to change your major to the RBA program. Please see the
RBA Coordinator.
Nursing Programs (RN and BSN): This form cannot be used to change your major to nursing programs. Please contact the School
of Nursing for more information.
Aviation Administration – Flight program: This form cannot be used to change your major to Aviation Administration – Flight.
Please contact the Aviation Center of Exellence for more information.