Lyon Education & Adventure Program
2300 Highland Road
Batesville, AR 72501
OFFICE (870) 307-7529
Van Driving for Trip Leader/Assistant Leader
Student Leader’s Name: _________________________________ Instructor: ________________________________
Learning Activities
Needs Practice
Completion of the Driver Authorization form and
returned to Maintenance Dept.
Knows how to properly check-out, gas, complete driving
sheet and return vehicle to maintenance
Completed van driver practical training
Knows procedures in event of accident
Understands how to pay for unexpected vehicle repairs
Understands that all passengers are required to wear
Can back-up vehicle with trailer attached
Understands 4-hour consecutive driving rule with 15-30
minute break
Understands maximum driving time of 10 hours per day
within 24 hours
Understands that must follow speed limit and abide by
traffic laws
Understands that cell phone usage is prohibited while
Understands when to use “Personal Vehicle Waiver
Front seat passenger responsibilities
Knows how complete “Vehicle Check List” & “Trailer
Check List”
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LEAP Van Driving Practical Training Driver_______________/Approval________
Van Inspection: Complete Vehicle Check List
*Driving SOLO: session 1 Driver Instructor
1. Adjusts seat, mirrors, fastens seatbelt and checks passengers ________ ________
2. Turns: Smooth braking, yields right of way, speed limit ________ ________
3. Backing/Parking: Check mirrors & uses spotter when available ________ ________
4. Signaling: Each turn and pass should be preceded by a blinker ________ ________
5. City roads: smooth acceleration/stops ________ ________
6. Interstate: Speed limit, notes blind spots, uses mirrors ________ ________
*Driving with TRAILER: session 2
1. Complete Trailer Check List _________ ________
2. Turning wide turns _________ ________
3. Tracking - changing lanes
4. Braking Allowing more time, following other vehicles _________ ________
5. Blind spots-pass two or more cars _________ ________
6. Backing Up: Turning opposite, use spotter, mirrors, commands _________ ________
7. Unlocking and taking the trailer off the hitch _________ ________
Comments: _________________________________________________________________________
Recommendations: ___________________________________________________________________
Emergencies call Security 307-7233 (SAFE) or 834-1979
Be sure to cover this:
Driving: Speed limit must be followed at all times (unless it exceeds 65) as you are responsible
financially for any tickets. Jerking wheel. Following turn speed limits.
Changing a tire on vehicle & trailer: Demonstrate proper procedures.
Front Seat Passenger: Keeping driver awake, music, navigation, phone calls, texting, social
media and any other type of distracting technology.
Emergency Procedures: Contact 911 if necessary, Risk Management Contacts, Incident Form
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I ____________________________ understand that even though I am going on a Lyon College
sponsored trip that any damage to or loss of any personal property (including vehicles) is the sole
responsibility of the owner. Likewise, an individual who is driving or riding in a personal vehicle
assumes full liability for any and all injuries that may occur during the course of the trip. Lyon
College does not provide medical or vehicle insurance of any kind to individuals. People driving
their own vehicles with participants assume full responsibility under their vehicles insurance
policy. People driving their own vehicles are required to show proof of insurance for the vehicle
being used to transport participants.
I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this waiver.
__________________________________ _____________________
(Signature of Participant) Date signed
__________________________________ _____________________
(Signature of Witness/Trip Leader) Date signed
LEAP Staff 870-307-7529 Lyon College 2300 Highland Rd. Batesville, AR 72501__
(Address and Telephone Number of Witness)
___________________________________________ _____________________
(Signature of Parent/ Guardian if non-student Date signed
Participant is a minor)
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