Louisiana College MSW Field Program
Confidentiality in Field
While in MSW field placements, Social Work students are required to complete assignments, discussions
and presentations in field and/or in other courses. In addition, students will also be discussing clients and
situations they encounter in their field placements. Students will agree to the following:
1. When discussing clients in the classroom and in papers the student will make every attempt to
not identify information about the clients that would violate their confidentiality.
2. Discussing clients is for learning purposes only and must not be referred to outside of the
classroom or on social media.
3. If a student has a prior, current, or potential relationship with a client, the student will
immediately alert the field supervisor and the field director, if necessary to discuss a plan to
protect client confidentiality and navigate dual relationships.
4. In written papers, students will remove identifying information.
5. Acknowledge that discussion of confidential information is for educational purposes only.
6. Discuss any ethical issues that arise related to the field placement with the field supervisor and
field director if needed.
7. Be aware of how talking about clients even without identifying information can be violating
confidentiality, especially in a small town.
8. Discuss with your field supervisor how you will handle encountering a client outside of the agency
setting, in person or on social media.
9. Adhere to all agency requirements for confidentiality.
10. Any assignments in field or in other coursework will not have identifying information about a
client, family or group members.
11. During supervision, students are encouraged to discuss issues with supervisors without violating
confidentiality of other students, clients or agencies.
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