Louisiana College, Office of the Registrar, Alexandria Hall #146, 318-487-7222, registrar@lacollege.edu
Louisiana College
Application for Candidacy for Graduation
Deadlines for Submission to Office of Registrar:
May Graduates preceding May, previous year
August Graduates preceding August, previous year
December Graduates preceding December, previous year
Print legibly or type your LEGAL NAME as you wish it to be printed on your diploma:
Student ID: Hometown (for Program):
Anticipated Semester and Year of Graduation:
Major: Minor:
LC Email Address: Cell Phone:
Personal (Non-LC) Email Address:
Mailing Address through the end of the semester: include city, state and zip
Permanent Mailing Address (for future contact): include city, state and zip
A student will not be awarded his/her degree if he/she owes any fees or has any holds on his/her
account, including, but not limited to, Business Office Holds, Financial Aid Holds and Library Holds.
Students should check with the Registrar’s Office prior to graduation to be certain all holds have been
removed and any outstanding fees have been satisfied.
Any student receiving financial aid is REQUIRED to complete the Financial Aid Exit Survey before his/
her degree may be awarded. Failure to do so may result in a Financial Aid Hold.
Any and all information pertaining to graduation (i.e., ordering and purchase of gown, time, date and
location of ceremonies, ticket availability, etc.) will be sent via US Postal mail to the address(es) listed
on this form. Should a mailing address change, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the
Office of the Registrar as soon as possible.
Attendance at Graduation and Rehearsal is MANDATORY. Persons with extenuating circumstances
may request special permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Students completing this form will receive a degree audit via his or her student email account. Allow a
minimum of 6-8 weeks for processing.