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Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer (AS-T) Degree
The Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer (AS-T) Degree is intended for students planning to transfer into a Bachelor
of Science program in Business Administration or related areas at a California State University (CSU); guaranteeing admission to the
system (but not to a specific campus), and priority consideration for admission to the equivalent CSU program. Students shoul d consult with
a counselor when planning to complete the degree for more information on university admission and transfer requirements. This degree
complies with The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440).
Program Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
demonstrate a firm understanding and working knowledge of the basic functions of a business enterprise, including the following
components: business entrepreneurship, economics, business law, finance, human resource management, and marketing.
demonstrate a firm understanding of the communication process in a business and professional setting, including: written, oral (including
non-verbal), and electronic communication, and active listening
evaluate issues across the range of business functional areas by recognizing and analyzing problems using creativity, sound judgment,
and business principles; and interpret business conditions, activities, or problems to provide solutions and means of continu ous
improvement in functional areas with consideration to the solutions impact on business enterprise Big Picture”.
demonstrate actions of integrity, honesty and ethical, socially responsible in decision-making and interaction with customers, co-workers,
employers, general public and society in general
Academic Plan Code: H033063H
Degree Requirements: 60 CSU transferable units with a 2.0 GPA. Major courses must be passed with a grade of C” or better. Full
completion of CSU IGETC or CSU GE is required. Complete additional CSU units, if needed, to reach 60 CSU transferable units.
Required Core: Select five (15 units):
Introductory Accounting (5)
Introductory Accounting II (5)
BUS 005
Business Law I (3)
ECON 001
Principles of Economics I (Microeconomics) (3)
ECON 002
Principles of Economics II (Macroeconomics) (3)
List A: Select one (3 units):
Statistics (4)
List B: Select two (5-6 units):
Introduction to Business (3) OR
Business Communications (3)
Introduction to Computers and their Uses (3)
(Effective spring 2020, CIS 101 replaces CO INFO 1)
Total Units for the Major: 29
General Education: Full completion of GE required
CSU GE Breadth or CSU IGETC (Area 1C required, Area 6A LOTE not required)
Note: Major courses may be double counted towards general education.
Completion of 60 CSU transferable units
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Associate Degrees for Transfer
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an AA-T and AS-T Degree?
AA-T and AS-T are acronyms for Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees that are designed specifically for transfer to the
California State University System. The degrees are the results of Senate Bill 1440, a transfer bill that required the California Community
Colleges to offer associate degrees for transfer in many of the most popular majors, and for the CSU to provide priority admission to California
Community College students who have earned an AA-T or AS-T degree. These degrees can be completed in 60 transferable semester units
(or 90 quarter units) and include coursework in general education, major preparation and electives.
How are the AA-T and AS-T degrees different from the associate degrees that community colleges already offer?
Students completing an AA-T or AS-T degree receive priority admission to the CSU system. Students who have completed an AA -T or AS-T
and are admitted to a CSU major that has been deemed similar are guaranteed admission at junior standing, and the opportunity to
complete a baccalaureate degree with 60 additional semester (or 90 quarter) units. AA -T and AS-T degrees are recognized by both the
California Community College and CSU systems as a measure of preparation and readiness for transfer to upper-division course work at the
CSU. Students should check with a counselor to see if their major is deemed similar at the CSU campuses they plan to apply to .
What does it mean when you say “a degree with a guarantee”?
This program guarantees that students who earn an AA-T or AS-T degree from a California Community College will be admitted to a
California State University campus. The campus you will be admitted to depends on several factors, such as the location of your community
college, the program of study that a student intends to follow, and a student’s competitiveness for admission. The program also guarantees a
student will enter the CSU system at junior standing, and only need to complete 60 additional semester units (or 90 quarter u nits) to earn a
bachelor’s degree in a CSU program that has been deemed as similar.
What is the benefit of earning an AA-T or AS-T degree?
Besides the benefit of completing community college coursework with an associate degree in hand, this program also provides students with
the necessary preparation to transfer to the CSU system and complete a baccalaureate degree. Students with an AA -T or AS-T degree
receive admission priority and guaranteed admission with junior status to the CSU system, along with the ability to complete a baccalaureate
degree with only 60 additional semester units (or 90 quarter units) in a degree program that has been deemed similar.
What are the requirements for earning an AA-T and AS-T degree?
Community college students should work with a counselor to develop an academic plan that includes the specific course requirements for their
degree goals. In general, a student will be required to complete 60 transferable semester units (or 90 quarter units), which includes
coursework in general education, major preparation and elective courses.
Do students need to apply for CSU certification if they earn an Associate Degree for Transfer?
Students who earn an Associate Degree for Transfer do not need to apply for certification. The degree requires full completio n of the CSU GE
or CSU IGETC pattern. Completion of IGETC Area 1C Oral Communication is required O NLY if you are planning to transfer to a CSU
campus. Once the CSU campus receives a student’s final transcript with the AA-T or AS-T degree posted, they will automatically consider GE
to be fully completed. CSU campuses will also check for completion of the U.S History Constitution and American Ideals requirement. If the
requirement was not completed as part of CSU GE Area D or IGETC Area 4, students will still need to complete the requirement after transfer.
For more information go to www.adegreewithaguarantee.com or www.sb1440.org or www.Assist.org
Adapted from www.adegreewithaguarantee.com
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