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Have you already quoted a load with us?
Are you working directly with a Logistics Plus contact?
If yes, please provide the name on the contact:
Carrier Setup Packet
Please complete this packet and fax it to:
Here is the information we need to set up a carrier in our system:
Carrier SCAC code
A copy of carrier's operating authority (MC number)
A copy of carrier's DOT certificate
A copy of carrier's dfederal identification number (W-9 form)
A copy of carrier certificate(s) of insurance
A blank certificate will work to start, but we will need a certificate listing
LP as a certificate holder. The coverages we are looking for are general
liability, workers compensation and motor truck cargo.
Carrier's remit to address:
Contact names and addresses for POD's, which are required for every shipment
The pages that follow contain a copy of our Carrier Profile Information Sheet and our
standard carrier service contract. Please complete these documents and return them
where indicated below.
Also included is a copy of LP's current carrier packet. This includes a reference page, our
operating authority, our surety bond, our W-9 form and our certificate of insurance. These
documents are for your reference and do not need to be returned with the Carrier Profile
Information sheet and the signed carrier service contract.
If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please contact your local
Logistics Plus specialist, or contact:
Brittni Schlosser, NAD Operations Administrative Specialist
1406 Peach Street Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 814-461-7641
Fax: 814-461-7645
LP Internal Service Representative:
Thank you for your interest in working with Logistics Plus.
Company Name:
City: State: Zip Code:
Dispatcher Name: Dispatcher Phone #:
Dispatcher Email:
Local Phone #: Toll Free #:
Fax #: After hours #:
MC #: FID: Type:
City: State: Zip Code:
Dispatcher Email: Dispatcher Phone #:
City: State: Zip Code:
Dispatcher Email: Dispatcher Phone #:
Van 48'x102 Van 53'x102
Reefer 48'x102 Reefer 53'x102
Flatbed Stepdeck
Pallet Jacks: Safety Rating:
Primary Empty Lanes:
Satellite Tracking: If yes, what type?
Drivers have cell phones? If yes, which one?
Any Team Drivers? If yes, how many?
Drop trailer capabilities? If yes, locations?
TSA Certified? SmartWay Certified?
C-TPAT Certified? If yes, #:
PIP Certified? If yes, #:
Accounting Contact:
Phone Number:
Please complete and fax to: 814-461-7645
To facilitate timely payment, please include the following:
Type of Equipment: (Please indicate how many units of each type below and if they are air ride units.)
Logistics Plus/NTL Carrier Profile Information Sheet
Additional Terminal Locations:
Supplier/Vendor/Carrier Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Small Disadvantaged Business:
Veteran Owned:
Disabled Owned: LBGT(s) Owned:
If minority owned: Latino/Hispanic? Asian?
African American? Native American?
Do you have a Workplace Diversity Policy? (yes or no)
Please descirbe your overall diversity program:
HUB Zone Business:
Minority Owned:
Woman Owned:
Small Business:
Check all that apply:
Supplier, Vendor & Carrier Diversity Policy
Logistics Plus Inc. is committed to creating mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers,
vendors, and carriers, including small, minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, and veteran-owned
businesses; and with companies that have strong workplace diversity policies and programs.
The goal of our supplier diversity program is to promote the inclusion of small and diverse businesses in our daily
operations and to continuously strive to increase our spend with qualifying enterprises. We encourage both
existing and new suppliers to complete the short form below to confirm your diversity status and programs.
Carrier Service Contract
This agreement entered into this
day of , by and between
Logistics Plus Inc., a registered property broker, License No. MC351651, (hereinafter: "Broker") and
, a registered Motor Carrier, Permit/Certificate No. DOT No.
MC No. hereinafter: "Carrier"); (each hereinafter "Party" or collectively "Parties".)
In WITNESS WHEREOF, Broker and Carrier have executed this Agreement by their duly authorized
representatives as of the date written below:
Authorized Signature
Authorized Signature
Printed Name & Title
Printed Name & Title