Local Incident Commander Briefing to IMT
The Incident Briefing, ICS-201 form provides the basis for the local incident commander to brief the incoming team.
Briefing Information
Forms Available or Attached: Other Attachments:
ICS 201 ICS 215 Map of Fire
ICS 207 ICS 220 Aerial Photos
ICS 209 Weather Forecast
Fire Start Date:
Fire Cause:
Fuels Ahead of Fire:
Fuels at Fire:
Fire Behavior:
Fire Spread:
Natural Barriers:
Anchor Points:
Perimeter Secured, Control/Mitigation Efforts Taken, and Containment Status:
Life, Improvements, Resources and Environmental Issues:
Release Date: January 2020 1
Weather Forecast:
Established Possible
Staging Area(s):
Copy Machine Available Yes No
Safety Issues: EMS in Place: Yes No
Air Operations Effectiveness to Date:
Air Related Issues and Restrictions:
Hazards (Aircraft and People):
Access from Base to Line:
Personnel and Equipment on Incident (Status and Condition):
Personnel and Equipment Ordered:
Cooperating and Assisting Agencies on Scene:
Helibase/Helispot Location:
2 Release Date: January 2020
Crash Fire Protection at Helibase:
Medivac Arrangement:
Communication System in Use:
Radio Telephone Cell Phone
Water Availability:
Review of Incident Action Plan; Copy of Approved Wildfire Decision Support System Published Decision:
Smoke Conditions:
Local Political Issues:
Damage Assessment Needs:
Security Problems:
Release Date: January 2020 3