This resource was developed by bpac
for the Health Quality & Safety Commission based on the STEADI falls campaign by the US Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).
Local Falls Prevention Programmes
These programmes help you prevent falls by building balance and strength.
Ask your health practitioner to tick those most suitable for your needs.
Programmes Location Day & Time Cost
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If you would prefer to exercise at home, ask your health practitioner for an exercise leaet
such as the Chair Stand Exercise.
You can benet by increasing your activity yourself:
Do as much exercise and physical activity, e.g. gardening, as you can; talk to your health practitioner
rst if you are thinking of starting a new type of exercise or increasing the level of exercise or physical
activity that you normally do. Ask if a green prescription is right for you.
Limit the amount of time you spend sitting in your chair or lying in bed
Start o slowly and build up your physical activity to the recommended level
Aim to do aerobic activity (that makes you breath harder and your heart beat faster) on ve days per
week for at least 30 minutes per day, e.g. walking. If you do something more energetic, e.g. aerobics or
aqua-jogging, 15 minutes per day for ve days a week is ok. You could also do a mixture of gentle and
energetic activities, and split up your activity into three 10 minute sessions throughout the day instead
of doing it all at once.
Aim to do three sessions of exibility and balance activities, such as Tai Chi classes for older people, and two
sessions of muscle-strengthening activities per week, e.g. the chair stand exercise.
* Recommendations from the Ministry of Health Guidelines on Physical Activity for Older People (aged 65 years and over)