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Live sales procedure
(Sell customers whilst operative is on-site & negotiate with contractors to agree our rates)
Job Number:
Sales Executive name:
Stage 1 (Preparation):
Send SMS to tenant requesting a reply back to agree to the following terms BEFORE
booking the job:
1.1. Stay at home the day of the appointment with 2 hours’ notice.
1.2. Sign our job sheet upon satisfaction of the visit before the engineer leaves the job.
(Ensure tenant signs BEFORE booking the job)
1.3. Ask the tenant to send us photos of the faults and store photos on job account.
1.4. Tell the tenant you will get back to them with an appointment shortly.
Stage 2 (Dispatching)
2.1. Contact an Obre's accredited operative and ask them to attend on the day the
letting agent instructs (Note, if the operative refuses then find another operative or speak to
supervisor. Never delay a job if your operative cannot commit).
2.2. Agree a rate with the operative referring to 'Obre's Contractors Rate' list
ONLY. (If the visit is quote only, you must state 'quote' on Work-Order form Remind contractor
that should the work go-ahead then we will award the contractor the work based on Obre's
2.3. Contact the tenant to give them an All-Day Appointment
2.4. Compose Work Order / Quote Order. Attach WO to email. Select the email signature
WO-Dispatch'. Also attach WO to the job.
2.5. Set TWO tasks:
2.5.1. Task 1) : Set up a task to follow up with operative 2 hours prior to
appointment. (Note: If the operative is late or unreachable then you MUST inform
supervisor immediately and contact the tenant accordingly BEFORE appointment due time.)
2.5.2. Task 2): Set a task to contact operative whilst on-site.
Inform supervisor immediately if your engineer is attending site after 4:45pm
and ask your supervisor to follow up with engineer and update CRM.
VAT No. 1234567 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden,
London WC2H 9JQ
Call our hotline number now
0333 323 7544
3. Stage 3 – THE CORE (SELLING)
3.1. Contact operative whilst on-site in real-time and request a verbal or email
confirmation about the work needed. You are REQUIRED to action one of the
following sales approaches.
3.2. If the client has provided us a spending limit and providing that Obre's Client price is
covered by the spending limit given, then instruct the operative to do the work.
3.3. Where there is no spending limit given or where Obre Client price exceeds the
spending limit given then you are REQUIRED to ask your operative stay on-hold
over the phone. Ask your supervisor the price to do the work. Contact our client on
the other line and quote them for the work. Advise the client if an approval is given
over the phone the work will go ahead now and saves time and additional return to
site costs. Inform supervisor immediately to buy parts online and address the delivery
to the site address.
4. Stage 4 – Work Evidence Collection
4.1. Once the work has gone ahead and before your engineer leaves site, you are
REQUIRED to contact the tenant to sign the link which you had sent them (in stage
1). Please explain to tenant how to sign the link which is as follows:
4.1.1. Open link
4.1.2. Click green button (Approve with signature)
4.1.3. Sign box with bare finger
4.1.4. Click blue button (Approve)Note: We are unable to allow the tenant to sign after
operative leaves site. If tenant refuses to sign, then contact supervisor immediately before
operative leaves site.
4.2. Once work is completed and BEFORE the operative leaves site, you are required to
ask the operative to send you pictures of work completed. You must upload them
onto the job sheet. Title them, (Example; Repaired sink - After work)
4.3. Use information from the operative about the work undertaken to fill in the job sheet.
Our clients like to see our reports are lengthy & positive. Note: Always start with
FINDINGS when fault diagnostic. Then ACTION taken. Then the OUTCOME following the
action taken. Always say tenant happily approved work with signature if tenant has signed.
4.4. Attach operative invoice to job account under Expense section. Untick billable box.
Enter amount net & vat. Upload invoice to window. Leave notes if appropriate such
as deductions. Note: We are unable to pay operative invoices if the invoice is sent later than 12
days, if no photos are sent or if the amount on the invoice is different to the amount on work order
we sent the operative. If the operative invoice does not meet the requirement then do NOT tick
authorise box.
Complete Refer to supervisor Commission