Live Proctoring Time Request & Approval Form
First, please consider the use of the alternative forms of assessment and proctoring alternatives as
described on the reverse side of this form. These methods are “no-cost alternatives.
Review+ (auto/review)from ProctorU for exams combines an automated ID verification and
launch process with artificial intelligence behavior monitoring and professional proctor review.
Use of Review+ (auto/review) does not require completing this form nor chair and dean
Live+” from ProctorU: Proctors monitor testing sessions in real-time and provide immediate
active intervention to address suspected cheating behavior. Use of Live+ does require
completing this form and receiving Chair and Dean approval.
Complete the Following to Request an Exemption
What is the course? (e.g., CHEM 115)
How many students are in the course?
How many exams will you be giving in this course? (only include those for
which you are requesting to use Live+)
Will students be allowed greater than 120 minutes on any of these exams?
If Yes, how many exams?
If Yes, how many minutes?
Provide an explanation/rationale for your request
Chair Signature and Date
Dean Signature and Date
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