The Australian Lions Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research
Honours & Postgraduate Research Grants for Invenoming Jellyfish Research
The Graduate Research School is calling for applications for two research grants up to $7,000
each for use in late 2019/2020.
Students must be undertaking an Honours year, Masters by Research or PhD and conducting
their research in the area of invenoming jellyfishes.
Projects demonstrating the following attributes are highly encouraged to apply:
Furthering understanding of the ecology of stingers;
Identification of stingers in the field;
Predictive tools to minimise risks of human exposure;
Diagnosis of jellyfish syndromes and the treatment of patients;
Previous recipients seeking further funding to allow continuation of their research are
particularly encouraged to apply.
Funds may be used for, but not limited to, the following areas:
Purchase of equipment
Travel and associated field trip expenses (e.g. boat hire)
Analytical services
Library visits or visits to appropriate labs to learn new methods
Conference attendance (if the student is presenting their research work)
Successful recipients will be required to submit the following at completion of funding:
An impact report (in video or text). The impact report should document how the
research transpired and what outcomes have, or will, come from the project, the
communities that have benefited and any on-going research. This report/video may
be used in conjunction with the Donor’s name in University communications.
An article (no more than one page) for publication in the Northern District or
Australian Lions Newsletter;
Present research outcomes at a meeting of the Australian Lions Foundation and be
prepared to speak at Lions Club meetings on request;
A financial acquittal of funds with any unspent funds being returned to the
Selection Panel: Prof Mike Kingsford (Chair), David Sellars, Lyndon Llewellyn (AIMS
Conditions of the award:
Grants awarded are for 1 year.
Applicants are expected to include reference to the funding support received from
the Australian Lions Foundation as part of any media releases, other publicity and in
published works.
If you wish to apply to receive these funds, please complete the below details and return to by 5pm on 4 October 2019.
About the Donor:
The Lions Club of North Queensland and James Cook University have been in partnership since the
early 1990s when the Lions Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research on Marine Species
Dangerous to Humans was founded.
The Foundation focusses its interest on invenoming jellyfishes and acknowledges that much has been
learnt about the lifecycle, habitat, venom and how humans interact with dangerous stingers. However
The Foundation recognises that there is still work to be done in order to identify and predict
inveonoming jellyfish threats and to diagnose and treat jellyfish syndromes in patients.
The Foundation provides research funds to enable a better understanding about jellyfish, where they
come from, and how they behave, so that there can be better management of the risks to humans as
well as preventative and curative measures to ensure no sting is lethal.
The Foundation accepts donations from the general public and business entities who are also
interested in finding solutions to a problem that affects hundreds of people and communities
throughout the tropics every year.
To find out more contact the North Queensland Lions District 201Q2.
Part 1: Applicant’s Details
Student ID Number:
Currently enrolled:
Professional Doctorate
Masters by Research Honours
Study Rate:
Full time
Part Time
Study Mode:
Primary Advisor Name
Thesis Due Date:
Part 2: Project Details
Background and plain English summary of the project including why it is important, needed and likely
to result in significant advancement in knowledge and understanding of the issue and/or practical
improvements in the way the issue/s are managed (50%);
Amount requested, and planned use of the funds which is rigorous, achievable, innovative, and
compatible with time left in candidature. This section should include details about approaches to
sampling and a timeframe of the project schedule. (30%):
Academic record: Please list qualification/s and GPA/s (10%):
Research Outputs: Please list any publications or other research outputs that you have (10%):
List any conflicts of interest that you may be aware of between this project and The Australian Lions
Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research on Marine Species Dangerous to Humans:
Applicant’s Signature
I confirm that the above information is true and correct, and if successful agree to use the funds for
research project expenses in accordance with the financial policies of JCU.
Primary Advisor’s Signature
I confirm that I have read the proposal and support this candidate’s application for competitive
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