Please complete the fi rst section of this form and sign where indicated. Give one form and an envelope to each of the two person
s who will
write the recommendation. Each should return the form to you, sealed, in the envelope provided. Enclose the sealed envelope with your
application and other supporting documents.
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Social Security Number (Used only for student identifi cation in school records.)
Term for which you are applying (check one): Fall Spring Summer Year
Intended graduate program of study Degree
Check One: I waive my right to review this Letter of Recommendation when completed and understand it will remain confi dential.
I do not waive my right to review this Letter of Recommendation.
Signature of Applicant Date
University of the District of Columbia
Letter of Recommendation
University of the District of Columbia, Of ce of Recruitment and Admissions
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Building 39, Room A-12, Washington, DC 20008 (202) 274-6110
1) Please evaluate the applicant as you deem appropriate in terms of the following:
a. Intellectual potential
b. Motivation for graduate study
c. Ability to do independent work
d. Ability in written expression
e. Ability in oral expression
f. Dependability
g. Maturity
2) I have known the applicant for as an undergraduate student other (specify)
3) I have served as the applicant’s Department Chairperson Major Advisor
Instructor in one class Other (specify)
Instructor in several classes
4) How would you rate this applicant compared to others whom you have recommended for graduate school?
Average Superior (upper 15%) Good (upper 25%) Outstanding (upper 10%)
5) If you offer or could offer the same program at your institution, would you recommend the applicant? Yes No
length of time
This applicant is applying for admission to the graduate program indicated above. We would like for you to provide a candid statement relative
to the applicant’s abilities to pursue graduate study at the University of the District of Columbia.
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UDC Rev. 01/07
Please assess the applicant’s potential for successful graduate study. When complete, please sign, date and immediately return to the
applicant in a sealed envelope.
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