Letter of Enrollment
Students may request a letter of enrollment for any term in the academic year. The letter includes the students
name, student identification number, term dates, course registration for the term, expected graduation date, and
credit status. It does not include grades. The letter of enrollment is signed by the Registrar.It may be sent directly
to third parties or to students in a sealed envelope.There is no charge. Requestsfor a letter of enrollment ordinarily
are processed within a five-day period from the date of receipt; however,it may take longer to process requests
during busyperiods.
Completed form(s) can be submitted via mail to address above.
Email: Registrar@aic.edu.
Fax: 413-205-3974
In Person at Lee Hall 1
Please Provide All Information Requested
Legal name:
City: State: Zip/Postal code: Country (if not US) ______
Daytime telephone number ( ) - Ext.
Year_________ Select a term: Fall Spring Summer Intersession
I authorize release of my enrollment information for the specified year and term to the recipient
Student signature: Date:
Indicate the Type(s) of Letter(s) of Enrollment Requested
Email me a copy of my letter of enrollment. Email address: ____________________________________
Official copy sent to the student’s current mailing address in a sealed envelope
for forwarding to a third party. Number of copies. _________
I prefer to pick up my above letter of enrollment when my letter of enrollment is
Official copy sent directly to a third party. Print complete name and address of third party
recipient below. Complete a separate request for each recipient.
Recipient name: __________________________________#of copies to be sent to this recipient: ______
Address: ____
City: State: ______ Zip/Postal code: ______ Country (if not US): __________
Registrar’s Office
Revised 2/20/2019