Revised 07/29/2019
City of League City
Flood Ordinance Variance Application
Have property owner complete and sign, if applicant differs from property owner.
Owner Name
Owner Address
City, State Zip
Engineering Department
City of League City
500 West Walker Street
League City, Texas 77573
Dear Floodplain Coordinator:
I, _________________________________, certify that I am the owner of the project property located at
___________________________________ and that the forgoing statements and answers herein made and
all data, information and evidence herewith submitted are in all respects to the best of knowledge and belief,
true and correct. I appoint _______________________________ with the company
_______________________________________ to act as my legal representative for this project. I agree
to be responsible for payment of all bills due to the City of League City related to this application.
Furthermore, I authorize employees, agents and representatives of the City of League City to enter and
inspect the subject premises, including land and structures, to evaluate existing and proposed conditions as
they relate to the submitted application. I understand that any material misrepresentation of this application,
failure to comply with ordinances, and/or failure to remit payment for services can lead to delays in this
project up to and including rejecting the project and forfeiting any fees paid.
Please contact me directly at ______________________ if you have any questions.
Owner Name
Owner Signature
Engineering Department
City of League City
500 W. Walker St.
League City, TX 77573
Phone: 281.554.1445
Fax: 281.554.1020
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