Enrolment Services, Saint Mary’s University
Letter of Permission Request Form
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Enrolment Services, Saint Mary’s University
Letter of Permission Request Form
1. Complete “Letter of Permission” request form.
2. Attach detailed course descriptions or course outlines of the courses you want to take. The
description from an Academic Calendar will suffice.
3. Attach a letter stating why you wish to take the course at another institution, how the requested
course fits into your academic program, and whether it has been determined that no other
equivalent or suitable course is available at Saint Mary’s University.
4. Take form to your Faculty Advising Office for authorization.
Advising Offices:
Arts: McNally Main 214B 902-420-5437 - 902-420-5437- BAadvising@smu.ca
Sobey School of Business: Sobey 252 902-491-6532 sobey.bcomm@smu.ca
Science: Atrium 301 902-420-5661 advisor.science@smu.ca
Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research: Atrium 210 902-420-5089 fgsr@smu.ca.
5. Return signed and completed form to the Service Centre, at service.centre@smu.ca.
6. Apply to the host institution as a visiting student with original Letter of Permission request form.
7. Upon completion of the course(s) taken on this Letter of Permission, it is your responsibility to
request a transcript be sent to Saint Mary’s University. If a transcript is not received within one
year of the end of the term in which the course is approved to be taken, then it will be assumed
that you did not enroll and the Letter of Permission will be cancelled.
Letter of Permission request form does not guarantee admission to the host institution. You
must comply with the application/registration process of that institution
It is the student’s responsibility to pay tuition fees and related expenses to the host institution.
All grades (including failing grades) for courses completed on Letter of Permission at Canadian
universities will be recorded on the transcript and included in GPA calculations. Grades for
courses taken outside Canada are recorded as TR and excluded from the GPA.