Lending Library Scholarship Guidelines & Application
Foundation Lending Library Scholarships are based on financial need. Students must apply each semester for lending assistance
Only REQUIRED materials will be available through the Lending Library. All lending library materials must be returned at the end of each semester.
Submit the completed form, class schedule and schedule bill to Cynthia Brown in the Foundation Office located in the Mobley Building on the
Clarkesville Campus during the first week of classes.
NGTC Foundation Lending Library Scholarship Application Form
Name ______________________________________________________________ Student ID # _____________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________________________ State _________ Zip______________
E-mail ________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________
Program of Study __________________________________________________________________________________________
I attend classes at: Clarkesville Blairsville Currahee Are you a: US Veteran? Single Parent Displaced Homemaker
My FAFSA has been approved Yes No I have applied for/am receiving: HOPE PELL Loans WIOA Vocational Rehab Veterans Benefits
If FAFSA has not been approved or you did not file, please explain:
I received a refund last semester in the amount of? ____________________ I am employed Yes No
I agree to return all materials to the lending library at the end of the semester.
__________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Student Date
__________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Foundation Director Date
Checked out
The NGTC Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation
or belief, veteran status or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law).