Lender Questionnaire
Our seller is requesting that these questions be answered before they will respond to any offer. If you are
writing an offer, please have the buyer’s lender complete this questionnaire, and submit it with the
purchase agreement so that your buyer’s offer may be properly considered. This is not mandatory,
however, it is helpful. Thank you.
Borrower Name(s):
Property Address:
Have you met with this borrower in person?
Have you physically received W-2s, tax returns, etc.?
Have you verified employment?
Have you verified cash to close?
Does the borrower have a property to sell?
What are the conditions of the approval you have provided other than acceptable title
work and appraisal?
Is your company a bank, broker or correspondent lender?
Do you underwrite, process, and fund in your name or someone else’s?
How long have you been originating loans and how long have you been at your current
When does the closing package get sent to the title company: after the loan is CTC or
Does the loan have an automated underwriting approval?
I hereby certify that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my
Signature of Loan Officer: _______________________________
Date: _______________
NMLS number: _______________
Company: ___________________________________________
Phone: __________________ Email: ________________________________