Leave of Absence (LOA)
Enrollment Maintenance (EMS)
Thesis/Project Completion
Complete this form if you are registering for one of the above statuses. Obtain your Advisors signature, then submit this form with
your payment (when applicable) to the Student Services Office during Registration. NOTE to F-1 International Students:
P/DSO authorization is required.
Student Name: ID#: __________________________
Check Program:
BA Education MACP MBA PsyD
Check Term:
Summer Fall Winter Spring Year: ____________
Status Requested:
Leave of Absence (LOA) Reason: _________________________________________________________
Limit of two LOAs per four-quarter period. F-1 international students are eligible for a leave of absence after
three consecutive terms of enrollment. F-1 international students are limited to one LOA per four-
quarter period. An LOA may not be used to complete unfinished coursework. When registering for LOA, any
coursework remaining incomplete will be converted to No Credit. This form must be submitted each quarter a
leave is desired. NO FINANCIAL AID will be awarded. No fee.
Enrollment Maintenance (EMS) (for completion of academic work or traineeship maintenance)
Two consecutive quarters are not permitted (NO EXCEPTIONS). Only one EMS quarter per four-quarter period
is permitted. No residency status is credited to the academic record. Financial Aid students will have half-time
status; however, NO FINANCIAL AID will be awarded. Fee: $475.
Thesis/Project Completion (for continuing work on thesis or project)
NO RESIDENCY STATUS is credited. NO FINANCIAL AID will be awarded. Fee: $475.
Financial Aid Students:
Meet with the Financial Aid Office. Your signature indicates that you have read and understood the following
rules: Financial Aid for the quarter in which you plan to take a Leave of Absence will be removed, and the Aid
for the remainder of the year must be reassessed. If you do not return for the following quarter and do not
notify the Financial Aid Office of a change in any enrollment plans, all financial aid awarded for the remainder
of the academic year will be removed. NOTE: Recipients of Guaranteed Student Loans who withdraw may be
required by the lender to repay the balance.
Signatures Required:
*Student Date Advisor Date
**P/DSO Date
*Please note that an electronic signature is only valid when using an Antioch email account.
**Required for international students.
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