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Revised 3/30/2020
Leave of Absence (Graduate)
Students who need to take time off from their studies, with the intention of returning, must submit this Leave
of Absence form to the Registrar’s Office and are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor to discuss
plans for degree completion. The leave of absence will be effective upon receipt of the form, or as indicated by the
student if completing the semester, whichever is later. Leave of absence requests are not retroactive and will not
be accepted after the last day of the semester.
Students who take a leave of absence after the add/drop period, and prior to the end of the 12th week of the semester,
will result in a grade of W (Withdrawal) on the transcript for each course in which the student is
currently enrolled. Thereafter, students will receive grades as assigned by the instructors. Note: The deadline to take
a leave of absence and receive a grade of W (Withdrawal) is extended to May 1, 2020 for the spring 2020 semester.
Students may take a leave of absence for up to two consecutive semesters (12 months) without the need to reapply for
admission when they return. Students who fail to return within the approved 12-month time frame will be withdrawn
from the University and be required to reapply for admission. Students on a leave of absence may register for
the semester in which they are planning to return, but will not be considered enrolled at the University until they
have returned to classes. Graduate students must complete all degree requirements within a six-year time frame and a
leave of absence is counted as a part of that time period.
Students may take a leave of absence for 100% refund of tuition and fees, less any non-refundable fees, prior
to the start of the term. Thereafter, students should consult the Refund Policy for the impact on charges due
to course withdrawal while on a leave of absence. Financial Aid recipients should contact the Office
of Financial Aid & Scholarships, as a leave of absence may reduce financial aid awards, which could result in
the student owing funds to the University and/or government. In addition, students are considered withdrawn
while on a leave of absence and loans may enter repayment.
A graduate continuous enrollment fee of $150.00 per semester will be charged to any student who is on a leave
of absence and has not been charged tuition and fees for the semester. This fee must be paid through
the Student Accounts Office or students will be blocked from course registration, access to grades, and transcript
requests until their bill is paid. This fee is not charged during the summer or winter sessions. For more
information about a fee waiver request, please visit the School of Graduate & Professional Studies. Under
extenuating circumstances, or due to qualified military service leave, students may file an Appeal of the policies
outlined above, within 30 days following the end of the last semester enrolled.
To be completed by the student:
Student ID:
Anticipated Return Date:
Are you completing the current semester: Yes No
Student Signature:
e: Students may create a digital ID using their SCSU email by clicking the signature block above, or the form may be accepted as
an attachment from their SCSU email without a signature.
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