Lease Renewal Rent Increase Letter
Tenant name: ______________________
Tenant address: ____________________
1. Purpose of Notice: This Notice is to inform the Tenant that the Landlord will be
increasing the Tenant’s rent. Beginning on _____/_____/_____, the monthly rent for
your apartment _____ located at the above property address, will be increased to
$______per month. The Tenant’s current tenancy will be terminated on
_____/_____/_____ as per the term of the original lease agreement.
The Tenant is being offered a new lease at the new monthly rent of $_____. This
change and any other reasonable changes can be found in the Tenant’s new lease
2. Termination of Tenancy: The Tenant’s tenancy will expire on_____/_____/_____, the
date the current lease expires. If the Tenant does not agree to rent the unit at the
increased monthly rental price, the Tenant and all occupants of the unit must vacate the
unit by the date of _____/_____/_____, when the original lease expires.
3.Acceptance: If the Tenant agrees to rent the unit at the increased rental price of
$_____, per month, the Tenant may remain on the premises, but must sign and adhere
to the terms of a new lease agreement at the agreed upon monthly rent. By remaining in
the property after the termination date of the original lease agreement, the Tenant is
agreeing to the increased monthly rent and to adhere to any other reasonable changes
to the lease agreement. This rental payment is due on or before the ____ day of each
Landlord Signature:______________________
Date: _____/_____/_____
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