One of e Institute’s worksheets series, to help you improve your leadership skills and capability, making you a better leader
What is Your Style(s)?
Most leaders utilise a combination of styles. From the nine styles listed in the Spotlight, which four of the styles
would you most like to display?
Choosing the most appropriate style requires honest reflection and self-awareness. A leader’s chosen
style should play to their strengths, be good in most situations, and give the leader the greatest self-
confidence in their role. is worksheet is based on the Spotlight ‘Leadership Styles.’
Developing Your style
When you first became a leader what was your default style, and how did it impact on your work and the
performance of your staff?
Preferred leadership styles
Default style:
Advantages of the style and example(s) Disadvantages of the style and example(s)
How would you describe your style now? And if it has changed, can you identify when and why?
Leadership Styles
You should take approximately two hours to complete this worksheet and read the accompanying Spotlight
Authenticity - Self-Awareness - Leadership Styles
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e Right Style for the Right Time
Which leadership styles are most appropriate in the following situations?
Displaying Your Leadership Style
Most leaders vary their style to be appropriate for the people they are working with and the situation they are in.
How do you think your management style is seen by the following, and what would they think of that?
Your manager? Your fellow leaders? Your staff?
If you had to explain the concept of ‘leadership style’ in 20 words or fewer, how would you do it?
Crisis situation
Strategy development
Establishing a new project
Style(s) required?
Style(s) required?
Style(s) required?
Self-Awareness: Leadership Styles
All references are cited in e Institute of Leadership & Management (2018) ‘Spotlight on Leadership Styles’