Leadership Academy
Class VI
SouthArk LEADERSHIP Academy
The goal of the SouthArk Leadership Academy is to develop a network of qualified leaders for
present and future college and community needs. To meet this goal, SouthArk seeks to:
Identify and motivate individuals with leadership potential;
Acquaint participants with issues, needs, challenges and opportunities in higher
education, community college and community;
Engage participants in information sharing, exchange of ideas, and networking;
Challenge potential leaders to become involved with issues, the decision-making process,
and professional development,
Provide participants with skills, opportunities and mentors for leadership development.
SouthArk Leadership Academy seeks to develop college and community leaders by training and
informing participants on a wide array of issues and concerns. In-depth training sessions focus
on these issues, exploring their background, origin and present-day status. The program covers a
full slate of topics, including higher education, community and economic development, and
community college issues. The sessions combine lectures, tours, dialogue and interaction
between speakers and participants.
The curriculum plan includes:
Orientation – SouthArk Organizational Structure, History of SouthArk, Role of
Community Colleges, and Team Building
Purpose of the Academy, HLC Accreditation, Workforce Development Presentation of
Group Project
SouthArk Finance, Fund Raising, SouthArk Foundation
Research, Strategic Planning and Resource Management
Arkansas Legislative Affairs, ADHE and Advocacy
Communication, Collaboration and Mentoring
Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
Ethics and Accountability; Leadership Goal Setting, Group Project Completion
Presentation of Group Projects and Graduation
The SouthArk Leadership Academy consists of nine full-day sessions. They will be held once a
month from September to May. There is also a possible overnight or day visit to Little Rock to
attend a legislative session. A class project will be assigned. Program participants are expected to
attend each monthly session. While emergencies do arise, any participant missing more than 16
hours of scheduled events, for whatever reason, shall be automatically dropped from the
SouthArk Leadership Academy Class V
Type or print in black ink. Please complete each section fully. Application must be signed by the applicant,
applicant’s dean or department manager and applicant’s vice president/President’s Cabinet member no later than
September 1, 2020. Each Vice President/Cabinet member will present the applications at the earliest Cabinet
Meeting. Applications are the property of SouthArk Leadership Academy and will remain confidential. If you have
any questions regarding these forms, please contact your direct supervisor.
Last __________________________ First ________________ Middle _____________
Department/Division: _________________________Title: ___________________________
Work Address_____________________________________________________________
Street Suite #
City State Zip
Bus. Phone _________Home #_________Cell #________ E-mail address__________________
Home Address_________________________________________________________________
Street Apt. #
City State Zip
Leisure Activities
One unusual or fun” fact about yourself
Have you participated in another leadership program? Yes ____ No ____
If yes, please list location and dates
Attach the following information via a resume or a curriculum vitae:
Education (include high school, college and post graduate)
Employment history
Business/professional affiliations (include professional/trade associations, civic clubs or
other professional activities)
Civic/community/volunteer affiliations (include civic, social, athletic or other activities)
Special awards or honors (include career or civic/community awards)
Other significant accomplishments (i.e., presentations, publications, grants written, etc.)
Please answer the following questions:
1) What leadership qualities do you possess and how have you used them?
2) What do you believe are the two most significant issues or challenges facing South Arkansas
Community College?
3) What action would you suggest to address one of these issues or challenges?
4) Drawing from your life experiences, describe an example of your volunteerism.
5) Why do you want to participate in the SouthArk Leadership Academy, and what do you
expect to gain from it?
To graduate from the SouthArk Leadership Academy, a participant is expected to attend all
sessions, including the following:
Nine full-day sessions from September through May. (Dates of sessions are to be
Trip to Little Rock for legislative session.
Participation in the group project
Graduation: May 2021
I understand the purposes of the SouthArk Leadership Academy and, if selected, I will devote the
time and resources necessary to complete the program. I understand that by missing any more
than 16 hours, for whatever reason, I will be asked to withdraw from the program. I further
agree to abide by the confidentiality policies of the SouthArk Leadership Academy. I understand
the above commitments and agree to abide by them in signing this application.
Applicant Signature___________________________________ Date _____________________
This applicant has been employed at SouthArk for at least one year, has an evaluation that is
above expectations, has the approval of this department/division, and has our full support, which
includes the time required to participate in the SouthArk Leadership Academy. We understand
that absence from the Little Rock session or 16+ hours of class time will result in the applicant’s
dismissal from the program.
Signature of Dean or Department Director/Manager/Supervisor
Signature of Cabinet Member
Submission deadline is September 1, 2020.
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