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Required after CENSUS DATE
It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a course/s. Prerequisites and corequisites are required for
selected classes.
Late Add Slips Process
After Census Day, Add Codes no longer work. The only way to add students is through Late Add Slips.
For those students who were in attendance before Census, here is the procedure:
1. Complete the Late Add Slip (student or instructor).
2. Enter the First Date of Attendance this date must be before Census Day or the Add will not be approved.
3. Student must sign and verify that the information is correct.
4. The instructor must sign and verify that the student attended before Census.
5. Instructor delivers Late Add Slip to Dean (can be done through SOC or directly).
Division Dean signs off and delivers to A&R.
7. If approved, A &R sends message to instructor: if not approved, Dean sends message to instructor and Dept. Chair.
8. For approved Add Slips, A&R adds student on Census Roster.
9. Student is counted for enrollment reporting and the college receives apportionment for this student.
10. Instructor must inform student if Add Slip has been approved.
11. Student must log in on the Portal to see if they have been added to the class and then pay for the class.
Late Registration ADD / DROP Form
Office of Admissions and Records
For Office Use Only:
Division Dean’s Name (Print):
Division Dean’s Signature:
Technology error - explain:
Student error - explain:
Faculty error - explain:
Other - explain:
(I verify that this student has been in class prior to the
Census Date).
Faculty contact info: Email
Counselor Signature (required if student is taking more than 18 units per semester):
Faculty / Instructor Signature:
Reason for Late Add (Completed by Division Dean):
Staff Initial:
Section Number
Course Name/No
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Instructor Name
A & R September 2019
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