Late Course Withdrawal
Any student considering a course withdrawal should confer with his or her instructor and academic adviser, in order to
understand his or her class standing, before withdrawing from a course. If withdrawing from all courses in a semester,
please refer instead to the Withdrawal from the University or Leave of Absence forms.
Students may withdraw from a full term course prior to the end of the 12th week of classes in Banner Web; for an
eight-week course prior to the end of the 6th week of classes; or for shorter terms per the Registrar’s Calendar.
After the withdraw deadline, students may request a late withdrawal from their instructor. In a case where the
instructor has determined that due to extenuating circumstance(s) a late withdrawal is justified, the instructor
must submit this Late Course Withdrawal form to assign a grade of W (Withdrawal). No late course withdrawals will be
accepted after the end of classes. Note: For the spring 2020 semester, late course withdrawals may be considered
past the last day of classes for students in an Incomplete status.
Students should consult Refund Policy for the impact on charges. A student’s status as full-time or part-time will not
change due to course withdrawals submitted after the add/drop period for the term; however, financial aid recipients
should contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, as the withdrawn course(s) may reduce financial aid awards,
which could result in the student owing funds to the University and/or government.
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