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Course Load
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rev. 2018.10.08
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Fall Year
To maintain valid F-1 or J-1 status, International students are required to register for a full
course load every academic quarter. There are exceptions to this requirement and international
students can request a reduced course load for any of the acceptable reasons listed below.
Please select ONE of the following reasons for requesting a reduced course load:
q Illness or other medical condition
- Please provide medical documentation from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of
osteopathy, or a licensed clinical psychologist substantiating the illness or medical
condition AND the period of time for which they recommend a reduced course load.
q Academic difficulties (please select one of the following)
q Initial difficulty with reading requirements
q Initial difficulty with the English language
q Unfamiliarity with U.S. teaching methods
- Please note: reduced course load for academic difficulties is only allowed during your first
quarter of study at Fuller.
q Complete course of study (i.e. last quarter of study)
- Number of units needed to complete program:
q Vacation Quarter
- Students are eligible for a “vacation quarter” after completing a minimum of three (3)
consecutive quarters of full time study immediately preceding the requested vacation
The Request for Reduced Course Load form must be received by ISO before the beginning of
the quarter for which you are requesting the reduced course load.
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