Program in Middle East Studies
Wright Hall 226, Smith College
(413) 585-3510
Language Study Funding Grant Application - Summer 2021
The Program in Middle East Studies is pleased to be able to support students who plan to study one of the region's
languages (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Turkish, Berber). The support is made possible by an endowed gift by Leila
Wilson '34. In 2021, summer language support is available only for online study.
Grants from the Wilson Fund normally cover a modest portion of the total program cost, in the range of
$500-$2,750 depending on the total number of qualified applicants. Students are responsible for program costs
above and beyone the support provided from the Program In Middle East Studies. We encourage you to apply for
financial aid from other sources at Smith and to explore independently potential non-Smith sources of support.
Instructions: download this form to your local drive, complete it, save it again, and email as an attachment along with the other
required documents listed below to, subject line: Summer Language Study Funding 2021.
Campus Box:
1. An unofficial transcript.
2. A statement of no more than two pages describing the course of study, its duration, and how it relates to
your academic interests and career goals.
3. Information about the program you would like to attend, whether you have already applied, been accepted,
or are awaiting a decision.
4. A budget of estimated costs and whether you have applied for and/or received any financial aid from
sources other than MES.
Note: If you receive a grant, you will be required to provide proof of enrollment in and completion of the course
specified in the application, or MES funds will have to be refunded.
Submit applications by Friday, April 16, 2021, by email to
Class Year:
Smith ID # (99#)
Email Address:
Preferred phone number:
Home Address:
References: Two faculty references are required. At least one faculty reference should be from a teacher in the
relevant language. Let your references know that you are applying to the Program in Middle East Studies for a grant
to support summer language study. Ask them to write a brief letter commenting on your qualifications for this
program, especially your academic skills, prior language ex
perience, and suitability for intensive language study
either in the U.S. or through a Smith-approved language program in the Middle East. References are due by the
application deadline and should be emailed directly by the reference to: List the
names and titles of your two references here.
In addition to references, you must also submit the following documents by the deadline: