Language Partner Program | Volunteer Application
What is the English Language Centre (ELC)?
The ELC provides an Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP) to international students who are often
planning to study at the University of Manitoba for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. By completing
our program students have met the language requirement of most programs at the University of Manitoba,
University of Winnipeg, and Red River College.
What is the Language Partner Volunteer Program (LPVP)?
The Language Partner Volunteer Program matches volunteers with the international students in the IAEP. People
volunteering in the program meet with their respective Language Partners every week to help students practice
their informal listening and speaking skills. Volunteers also provide information to the students about adapting to
Canadian culture in a friendly and casual setting.
Who can participate in the LPVP?
The LPVP is open to anyone that is fluent in written and spoken English, and that has lived in Winnipeg for at
least two years and/or Canada for at least five years. Volunteers can be students, University employees, alumni, or
a member of the community seeking involvement.
Volunteers should be friendly, open to meeting new people, and respectful of differences in culture and
communication style. Volunteers should also be able to work independently, manage their time and coordinate
their own meeting schedules.
How does the program work?
Each volunteer must commit to: meeting with their Language Partner for 1 hour per week for the duration of the
academic term (no less than 7 hours total), attend a mandatory orientation session with their mentee, and provide
the ELC with feedback throughout the term. Volunteers can negotiate their own schedule of when to meet, but it
must be in a public place. Volunteers must be willing and able to travel to meet their mentee, which is often at the
University of Manitoba.
Why should I volunteer in the LPVP?
There are many potential benefits to being a Language Partner:
Sharing your culture with a fellow student;
Meeting new people and making new
Practicing communicating cross-culturally;
Adding this volunteer opportunity to your
Language Partners that are also U of M students may also be able to receive an ELC Letter of Recognition and
notation on their co-curricular record, provided they attended the LPVP orientation session at the beginning of
the term, fulfilled the minimum requirements for meeting with their partner (7 hours), and submitted feedback to
the ELC about their experience as required.
How can I become a volunteer?
Please fill out the application form on the next page and submit it to the English Language Centre by email (to or in person (520 University Centre), by the appropriate deadline.
To volunteer during the Spring/Summer 2020 term, please submit your application by May 1.
To volunteer during the Fall 2020 term, please submit your application by September 1.
To volunteer during the Winter 2020 term, please submit your application by January 4.
Language Partner Program | Volunteer Application
Instructions: Please read the following questions carefully and answer them fully, as they allow us to make
participant matches that enhance the student experience. When you are finished typing, please save the
document and send it by email to OR print the form and submit it to the
ELC at 520 University Centre, University of Manitoba. Thank you for applying to volunteer with the ELC!
l Name: ______________________________________________________________________
I am:
Female Male
Choose one:
U of M Student U of M Alumni Community Member Other Student
18-24 25-30 31-40 41-55 56-65 66-75 75+
I am a student in the faculty of (If applicable): ______________________________________________
I am currently in the _____ year of my _____________ degree (Ex: 2
year of my B.A. degree)
My contact information is:
Preferred telephone number: ____________________________________________________
E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________
I have lived in Canada since __________________________________ (Ex: Month, year)
I have lived in Winnipeg since _________________________________ (Ex: Month, year)
I speak, write, and read these languages fluently:
If someone was asked to describe your personality, what would they say?
Do you have any experience with International students or mentoring?
I would like to develop/use the following skills in the LPVP:
think I will be a great Language Partner because:
How did you hear about this program? ___________________________________________________
Please provide the ELC with 3 professional and personal references:
Name: ________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________
ame: ________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________
ame: ________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________
Note: We will check at least two of the three provided. Please provide 2 professional/work references and 1 personal. All references must
have known you for two years.
By signing this form, I acknowledge that:
The ELC cannot guarantee that I will be matched with a Language Partner;
If I am matched with a partner, I will need to dedicate a minimum of 7 hours this term to meeting with
y partner (not including the mandatory first meeting session);
A breach in the rules outlined in the Language Partner Handbook will result in cancellation from the
______________________________ _____________________
Signature Date
This personal information is being collected under the authority of the University of Manitoba Act. It will be used to contact you about
orientation sessions, to match you with a volunteer Language Partner, and to ask you for your feedback through evaluation surveys. It will not
be used or disclosed for other purposes, unless permitted by The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). If you have
any questions about the collection of your personal information, contact The Access and Privacy Office (tel. 204-474-9462), 233 Elizabeth
Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB, R3T2N
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