Landuse Consent Application
Page 1 - Landuse Consent Application - Section 88 Resource Management Act 1991
Applicant Details
Full name
Address of Applicant
Email Address*
Contact Phone Number
Postal Address
Locality of Activity
Address of Site to which this application applies
Fast Track Application
Omit this paragraph if the application does not qualify as a fast-track application under section 87AAC (controlled activity).
I opt out/ do not opt out* of the fast-track consent process.
* Select one
Additional Consents
The following additional resource consents have been applied for:
Water Permit Coastal Permit Discharge Permit Subdivision Consent
Have you applied for a building consent for this project? Yes No
Ownership / Occupancy of Site
I am the Owner Occupier
The names and address of owner and occupier (other than applicant) of the site to which application relates.
* All Council Correspondence will be sent to the electronic address provided.
Page 2 - Landuse Consent Application - Section 88 Resource Management Act 1991
Signature of Applicant or Authorised Agent
(Date Submitted)
Description Of Activity To Which The Application Applies
Describe the activity proposed to be carried out on the site (use additional pages if necessary):
Environmental Effects Assessment (Fourth Schedule RMA 1991)
Assess of any effects on the environment. This section must be completed (use additional pages if necessary):
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given in this application is true and correct.
I accept that I have a legal obligation to comply with the conditions imposed on the Resource Consent, if this application be approved.
Subject to my rights under Section 357B and 358 of the RMA to object to costs, I agree to pay all fees and charges levied by the
Invercargill City Council for processing this application, including a further charge if the cost of processing exceeds the deposit paid.
(Signature is not required if the application is made by electronic means)
Send the completed application or hand in to us at:
Environmental and Planning Services
Invercargilll City Council
Private Bag 90104
Applicant Checklist
I have completed and signed this Resource Consent Application form.
I have provided a full description of the activity proposed and assessment of effects.
I have included a processing fee.
I have included Affected Person’s Written Approval forms.
I have included a set of plans
Page 3 - Landuse Consent Application - Section 88 Resource Management Act 1991