Landonline | New firm sign-up | June 2020
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A) Contact details
Firm name
B) User details
First name Surname Delivery of notices Phone number Personal email Type of license
C) Licences
How many licenses do you want?
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e-dealing e-dealing plus
e-survey TA e-certification
D) Fees breakdown
User Registration New User Set-ups Registration & Certification Fee
User Sub Totals
Please scan and email completed paper
work as a PDF to
All scans must be clear, readable, and in
full colour.
Landonline: New firm sign-up
Landonline | New firm sign-up | June 2020
D) Fees breakdown (continued)
E) Terms and conditions
Please read the accompanying Landonline Remote Access – General Terms and Conditions document before signing the
F) Agreement
Your signature confirms the following:
We confirm that the information set out in this application form is complete and accurate. We have read, understand and agree
to the general terms and conditions of the accompanying Land Information New Zealand Landonline Remote Access Contract.
We accept that Land Information New Zealand may amend the general terms and conditions in accordance with that contract.
We also accept that Land Information may withdraw Landonline Remote Access.
Signed on behalf of Partnership/Corporate/Individual
Signed Date
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