Lancaster County
Water & Sewer District “Serving Lancaster County For Over 50 Years”
P.O. Box 1009 – Lancaster, South Carolina 29721
Phone 803-285-6919 – Fax 803-285-9574
I, ______________________________________________, a new homeowner located at
___________________________________________ in the Prestwick, Wakefield, or Burnside
Subdivision, acknowledge and understand that my residence within these subdivisions will have a special
sewer rate associated with its monthly bill from Lancaster County Water & Sewer District (LCWSD).
LCWSD has to rely on York County to treat the sewer from my residence which creates the need for the
special rate. The most current Rate Schedule can be provided by calling LCWSD’s office at 803-285-6919
during normal business hours.
___________________________________ ____________________
Homeowner’s Signature Date
Homeowner’s Printed Name