Lamar University Property Management Department
PO Box 10004 (409) 880-1886 or (409) 880-8898
Department: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Lamar University maintains ownership of all University property/equipment. It must be returned daily, end of the semester, or period designated by the
department or upon leaving Lamar University. By accepting this property/equipment, you agree to the following:
1. Property/equipment is intended for daily academic-related, university business, or administrative use in accordance with Lamar University
Policies, Rules, and Regulations for students and faculty/staff
2. Property/equipment issued to a Lamar University student, faculty, or staff may NOT be loaned or transferred to another individual.
3. Individuals are expected to be familiar with the use and care instructions for the property/equipment.
4. The property/equipment will be maintained in a safe, secure, and orderly manner.
5. For inventory or maintenance purposes, individuals must submit the property/equipment to the department upon request. Failure to do so will
result in a hold being placed on the student’s account for the amount of the property/equipment until it is returned or Lamar University is
reimbursed for the cost of the property/equipment. Failure by faculty or staff will be reported to Lamar University’s Cash Management
6. Loss or damage to the property/equipment beyond normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the individual, and should be reported
immediately to the department. Contact Property Management to make payment arrangements for repair or acquisition/replacement cost.
The department is responsible for submitting a Missing, Damaged, or Stolen Property Investigation Report to Property Management.
Lamar Tag #
(if applicable)
Description of University Property/Equipment Serial Number Value
Student Faculty Staff
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ LU ID#: L2________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ________________
Phone#: _______________________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________
Requested Checkout Date: ____________________________________ Anticipated Return Date: _____________________________________
I will return the University property/equipment by this date, date may not be later than August 31 of the current fiscal year, or I will obtain written approval
for an extension at the end of the fiscal year using this same form.
By signing this equipment checkout form, I certify that the above University property/equipment has been issued to and received by me in good
condition. I accept responsibility for the academic-related, university business, or administrative use of the property/equipment listed above.
In addition, I understand that, in accordance with the State of Texas property management policy, I may be held financially liable for loss or damage to
University property/equipment under my control if the loss or damage results from negligence, intentional wrongful act, or failure to exercise reasonable
care in safeguarding, maintaining, or servicing the property/equipment.
(According to Texas Government Code Sec. 403.275)
Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Department Head Signature or Designee: ___________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Printed Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Phone #: _____________________
Department Use Only
Submit completed Remove Equipment from Campus Request form to Property Management if property/equipment is checked
out for longer than one semester.
Revised 01/14/2020