LaGuardia Community College 2020-2021
Visiting Student & Non-Degree Application
Instructions: Please print clearly and submit to
TERM: (check one) ________FALL I________FALL II________SPRING I________
(September) (January) (March) (Late June)
NAME: _______________ ________________ ____ ___________________
Last First M.I. PRIOR (any prior last name used)
SOC. SEC. #: ______- ______-______ SEX:___F___ M DATE OF BIRTH:________________
(month) (day) (year)
STREET ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________
Apt. #
CITY:__________________STATE:__________ ZIP CODE: ____________________
CELL PHONE: __________________ HOME PHONE:_______________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS:___________________________________
Length of time at above address: Length of time in NYC in NYS________
US Citizen: _____ yes _____no Country of Citizenship:________________ of Birth:_____
If no,_____________________ or or _________________ _____
Alien Registration Number Immigrant status Other
(Note: Citizenship status and alienage are used to determine if any other educational documents are needed to evaluate your application.)
I hereby certify that all information in this application is accurate and complete and that I will be allowed to register in
classes where seats are available. I realize that failure to file the appropriate application may affect my admission
status. I understand that all the information contained in this application will be treated confidentially and will be used
for institutional purposes only.
SIGNATURE: _____________________________DATE: ________________________________
EMPL ID: ________________________
Note: Responses to items 3 through 7 is voluntary, and the information will be kept confidential. Refusal to provide this information
will not subject the application to any adverse treatment. This information has no bearing on other admission or academic decisions.
1. What is your academic background?
___ High school diploma ___ Associate’s degree from another college
___ G.E.D. ___ Bachelor’s degree
___ Some college courses ___ Master’s degree
___ LaGuardia graduate ___ Other (please specify):______________
Note: If you have previously attended LaGuardia but did not graduate, you are not eligible to submit this
application. You will need to contact the Registrars Office at and submit an
application for Readmission.
2. Name of School you will attend in Fall of 2020_____________________________________
3. What category describes you best?
___ Black, non-Hispanic ___ Asian or Pacific Islander
___ White, non-Hispanic ___ American Indian, Native Alaskan
___ Hispanic ___ Other, specify ____________________
4. From what country or of the world did you or your family originally come? (Check the box next to the
name of the country or part of the world with which you most identify.)
___ China: Mainland ___Israel ___Haiti ___ Greece
___ China: Taiwan ___ Nigeria ___ Jamaica ___ Ireland
___ Hong Kong ___ Barbados ___ Panama ___ Italy
___ India ___ Cuba ___ Trinidad ___ Ecuador
___ Vietnam ___ Dominican Rep. ___ Germany ___ Guyana
___ The Philippines ___ England, Scotland, or Wales ___ Russia
___ Korea ___ Other, specify___________ ___ Ukraine
___ Bangladesh
5.Where were you and each of your parents born?
(Check one in each column.)
You Mother Father
Born in the United States excluding ___ ___ ___
Puerto Rico or US territories
Born in Puerto Rico or US Territories ___ ___ ___
Born outside the United States ___ ___ ___
6. Do you speak a language other than English at home? ___ Yes ___ No
6a. If yes, with which language do you feel more comfortable?
___ English
___ Language other than English
___ Equally comfortable with both
7.What is your native language? _______________________
Note: The City University of New York does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, physical or mental disability,
sexual orientation, veteran's status, and alienage or citizenship status.