Directions: Please READ CAREFULLY and choose one statement that applies.
2019-2020 Resignation Acknowledgement
faf1920110 Rev. 9/19/19
Office of Financial Aid
Please return this form to:
Louisiana Tech University
Office of Financial Aid
P.O. Box 7925
Ruston, LA 71272
I did not receive Federal Financial Aid or TOPS Scholarship this quarter. If this option checked, sign below and submit form.
I DID receive Federal Financial Aid or TOPS Scholarship this quarter. If this option checked, complete remainder of form.
I understand that if I resign or stop attending before completing more than 60% of the
enrollment period, the Financial Aid Office will perform a calculation to determine the
amount of federal aid that I did not earn.
The Louisiana Tech University Financial Aid Office is required to administer a return of federal student aid funds policy that complies
with the Higher Education Act Reauthorization of 1998. Title IV funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the
student will attend school for the entire period of enrollment for which the federal assistance is awarded. The Financial Aid Office
recalculates federal financial aid eligibility for students, who fail to attend, drop out, resign (officially or unofficially), or are
dismissed prior to completing greater than 60% of the enrollment period.
Tech CWID#:
First Name: Last Name:
Student Signature:
What each statement means:
Your initials affirm that you understand the following consequences of resigning from classes
before earning 100% of Federal Financial Aid.
There will be a portion of your federal aid
that you did not earn.
I understand that I may be responsible for reimbursing the University for any Federal Funds
that are returned by Louisiana Tech University on my behalf and I will receive a bill
notifying me of any payment due to the University.
We will send that portion back to the
Federal Government and you may owe
Louisiana Tech.
I understand that until my debt is paid, I cannot register for classes in future quarters and/or
have my academic transcript released to another university or college.
You will have to pay LA Tech what you owe
before an official academic transcript can be
released for transfer to another college or
register for future classes at LA Tech.
I understand I have to complete the exit interview which outlines rights and responsibilities
in repaying my student loan if I have received Federal Stafford Loans while attending
Louisiana Tech University.
You will have to perform an online exit
interview if you had Federal Stafford
I understand the university will report my withdrawal (official or unofficial) to the lender/
guaranty agency. You may receive further information from their student loan lender
regarding repayment of the loan, and may be required by the lender to immediately repay
additional unearned amounts due to the lender.
Your lender will be notified and you will
have to start paying on those loans.
I understand that my resignation (official or unofficial) may disqualify me for federal
financial aid due to Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Your “W”'s will count towards your
attempted hours and may impact your
eligibility to receive future aid.
I understand that if I'm a TOPS recipient (including on suspension due to GPA) my TOPS
award will be cancelled without an exception granted by LOSFA.
Your future TOPS will be cancelled.
Academic Year 2019-2020 QUARTER 100% Federal Financial Aid Earned Last Day to Drop with a “W”
FALL 2019 Attend on October 17, 2019 or beyond October 25, 2019
WINTER 2020 Attend on February 3 , 2020 or beyond February 7, 2020
SPRING 2020 Attend on April 24, 2020 or beyond May 1, 2020
SUMMER 2020 MODULAR Rules Apply See Specific Course Section
Student Signature:
I understand the information mentioned above and understand I can speak with a Financial Aid Counselor if I have any questions.