Directions: Please complete all requested information. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
2019-2020 Request for Revision of Financial Aid Awards
faf1920097 Rev. 9/16/19
Office of Financial Aid
Please return this form to:
Louisiana Tech University
Office of Financial Aid
P.O. Box 7925
Ruston, LA 71272
(Choose all that apply)
Work Study
Direct Sub Loan* Direct PLUS Loan*
Cancel Aid for the following quarters:
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Spring Winter Fall
Request Aid for the following quarters:
Direct PLUS Loan -Student must have eligibility remaining in their budget and if the student is dependent
Direct Stafford Loan - Student must not have reached their annual or lifetime maximum loan amounts.
Work Study(FWSP)- Student must have financial need and cumulative college GPA of 2.0 if UG or 3.0 if GR.
(Choose all that apply):
Important Notes:
This form is to be used after a student has accepted/declined all financial aid awarded.
Some requests may be denied, may have adverse affect on your loan amounts, or affect the flow of funds for the remainder
of the year.
If the student has no remaining eligibility for federal financial aid, the student may have to seek a private loan or other
outside funding in order to cover the additional expenses.
Students may submit three requests for revision of financial aid during an academic year.
Students will receive an e-mail notice at their Louisiana Tech e-mail address of an award letter if funds have been added or
a notice of denial if funds have not been added.
Please allow two weeks for requests to be reviewed. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
*Redistribute loan(s) if possible
90+ hours 60+ hours 30+ hours
Undergraduate Graduate
I am a(n):
I have earned:
0-29 hours
I will take # hours per quarter.
# hrs # hrs # hrs
I will graduate (month/year):
Dependent: Freshman: $ 5,500 Sophomore: $6,500 Junior/Senior: $ 7,500 Lifetime: $ 31,000
Independent: Freshman: $ 9,500 Sophomore: $10,500 Junior/Senior: $12,500 Lifetime: $ 57,500
Graduate: $20,500 Lifetime: $138,500
parent(s) must be willing to sign for this loan.
Student Signature:
Tech CWID#:
First Name:
Last Name:
Direct Unsub Loan*
Requests for Summer
19-20 (June-Aug) will not
be processed at this time
and will not appear on
your award letter. An e-
mail notice will be sent to
students in April, 2020
when a form is available
to request Summer aid.
Phone Number:
**Financial Aid is estimated on credit hours planned, but is adjusted based on actual enrollment hours.
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